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Garmin 541s

Hello, I just purchased a Garmin 541s which came with the US Coastal maps and I am planning on getting either a BlueChart G2 or BlueChart G2 Vision map aslo as well as the HomePort software. I am interested in your Edge files for this unit. I will be mainly interested in the following areas and wanted to see which Edge files would give me the most 'bang for the buck' so to say: Lake Pontchartrain, Rigolets, Lake Borgne, Biloxi March, Hopedale, Delacroix, Bayou Bienvenue. Thanks.
Go to the outdoor Store
There is a link to the Sportsman's OUTDOOR STORE at the top right of the home page banner.

Click on it and select the EDGE icon. You will be prompted on how to order any of the files. Be sure you select the proper GPS system the data will be used in.

Captain Paul
Captain Paulís Response to RLELBLANC 68

Sounds like you have plotted a very good course for your GPS experiences. Evidently you did your homework.

Either the Blue Chart g2 OR the Blue chart g2 VISION should serve you well. The Vision has ortho aerial photo maps along with the typical chart type mapping. The Home port will let you transfer routes, waypoints, and tracks to and from the GPS unit and your computer. It also lets you view the g2 or g2 Vision software on your computer as you are configuring your data. In todayís electronic world, that is the way to go. It would be very hard entering a series of waypoints directly into your GPS unit. Besides, when you are in your boat, you are more interested in keeping your lines tight than trying to enter data into the unit.

Each of the CAPTAIN PAULíS FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS files you listed are for different of in some cases slightly different areas as there is some overlapping in the adjacent areas. They cover the area between the Mississippi River to Black Bay, to Lake Borgne to the MS sound to Lake Pontchartrain to lake Maurepas. Basically they cover the entire south east portion of the state from the Mississippi River northward.

Out of those you listed, my Hopedale~ MRGO to Miss Sound edge has the most waypoints. I believe that there are over 300 Edge locations. This Edge covers the Biloxi Marsh area.

The LAKE BORGNE Edge has some over lapping with the Hopedale MRGO to MS, the Bienvenue and the Rigolets, but all of these also have different locations.

There is also an Edge that covers from MRGO to Delacroix, which is called Hopedale~ MRGO to Terre Boeufs.

So, my suggestion is that you start with one or two Edge programs that you would be mainly interested in as a start and expand the coverages as per your fishing needs.

Captain Paul
Thanks for the info. Sorry if you get this twice, I tried to send an email thru the site but i am not sure if it went thru. I think I would like to start with the Lake Borgne Edge file and the Hopedale - MRGO to MS Edge file. Could you send me details on how to get these files to my email. Thanks again!!