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Waterfowl Season, where's the Quack?

Every year in Dularge, I see thousands of ducks fill lake Mechant. The only problem, they flock to this brackish wetland in mid to late February. I have seen this happen for the past 6 years. I hope Wild life and fisheries pays attention and make the proper changes to the season schedule. I know I'm not the only one noticing this trend. In addition, I watch the ponds every time I drive on I-49 from Dularge to Shreveport and the ducks are at there highest number in mid-late February. As of Saturday November 9th, There are no quackers in ponds. The birds are flying later. The season should be pushed back two weeks to one month. Hopefully, this next front will push them down!
Not possible
You must not be aware that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service does not allow duck hunting past the last Sunday in January. LDWF sets Louisiana seasons within the bounds set by the USFWS, and moving the season 2 weeks to 1 month later simply isn't possible.
Time has change
Time has change, and we need to change with it. The cold front r coming in later and later every year Some one should have a talk with the u s fed, Ducks r still here in April I sad it b 4 if we don't change with time, la. duck hunting will b a thing of the past, our first season should open in late NOV. and at lease go in to feb.
Makes no sense
Louisiana kills more ducks than any other state.

So again, what are we doing wrong?
February hunting come on people
Yep, the birds we see in February JUST got here. They were NOT already here. Duck hunting has gotten so bad that there are TONS of leases all over the place for CHEAP! Everyone is getting out of duck hunting due to lack of birds


What about the ducks?
Your post is definitely a fact. We do have ample amount of ducks into February. HOWEVER, I do not think duck season should be extended to the sole benefit of hunters. We all want to kill ducks, but not to the detriment of future opportunity. Please keep in mind that it is during that period in February that most ducks pair with their mates. Interrupting that period could have a large impact on the next generation of waterfowl. If you've got to keep killing, just go kill some geese.
February ducks
Wood ducks are often on eggs in February so would be kinda bad to kill one then don't you think?
Ducks Pairing
Were do the pairing in feb. come from. They r just get in down here way down south, they leave in late march to mid April. Time has change and we need to change with it. We r not in the 60's cold front r coming in late. duck come south for 1 reason to eat, because there food r all frozen up north.I can tell u this in the 60's and 70's it was cold for the teal season. I don't hunt the teal season any more it is to dam hot. Old time hunter.
It is not exactly warm outside
I guess it is not cold outside today?
yes ,but sat. it will b 78.Cold fronts do not last in 60's and 70's it wood stay cold al winter.

yes it is, but Sat. it will b 78.In the 60's and 70's it stay cold all come and go when the cold front warm up. We had 40's all day long for days.In the morning some days 17 there was not a winter that wood past that I did not have to repair my water lines, you could kill ducks with a stick.

Dozens of behavioral studies of ducks, including some I have been involved with at Atchafalaya Delta, Mississippi Delta, and SW Louisiana have shown that dabbling ducks begin pairing in November and are almost all paired by mid-February. Diving ducks tend to pair on the spring migration areas, but dabblers on the wintering grounds. Many energetics studies even collect birds that are both paired and un-paired during the winter to compare the effect of being paired on habitat selection and body condition.

At least one study on late-season pair loss showed a reduction in reproductive success in 1 year and no effect in 1 year of a 2-year study. Birds that lose a mate from late hunting will re-pair, but there is an energetic cost that can lead to lower reproductive success. That is one reason for the latest hunting date in the federal framework regulations.
Just Curious
If the Federal guidelines state waterfowl hunting must end by the last weekend in January, why is the second East Zone Youth Hunt scheduled for Saturday, February 1st? Special exemption for the kids?
Youth Hunt days are an exception
Youth hunt days are exceptions in a number of ways. They are in addition to the 60-days of duck hunting, all species legal at some time during the regular season are legal during the youth hunt, and youth hunt days can be held outside the framework. Specifically, they can be held up to 2 weeks before or after the regular duck season.
Youth Hunt
Makes sense, also the late youth hunt gives the kids a chance to bag a fully-plumaged 'wallhanger' bird which could be a memory of lifetime!
2 weeks late
the ducks are 2 weeks late I heard. they're coming, just gotta wait

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