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Elite 5

Captain Paul I installed a couple of the Elite 5's on my boat and having trouble seeing fish and also it does not track where I have been. I have the X's checked for tracking and both of them are not tracking so I must be doing something wrong... I have the software updated, any help would be greatly appreciated
Check the menu for configuration settings
Captain Paul's response~
If you can see your position on the map screen and it changes as you move, the unit should be working.
Check the settings for the TRACKBACK feature, it may be turned off. Page 10 of the owners manual describes how to set the TRACKBACK feature.
I can't help you with the sonar part of the system, as a variety of problems could be causing the lack of your unit showing fish.
One of which is the sonar settings. Read your manual to see if the unit has the proper settings for the display of sonar images. There are settings which can diminish the size and clutter of item shown on the screens. If the sonar is showing the bottom and other underwater features, it may be a menu setting issue.

Specifications for the unit indicate that the sonar should work up to 50 mph.

Captain Paul