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Foster Lake (Mud Lake) Mississippi Duck Hunting

Just ended up with a lot on Foster Lake. I know its private during hunting season, so does that mean that the public can still come in and fish during duck season? And the duck blinds on the lake, are they private or for use by all land owners on the lake?? Can any land owner build a blind anywhere on the lake? Can someone please explain the hunting rights on the lake, my lot isnt leased and extends out into the lake.
Don't quote me on this
I think your property lines extend into the lake there. Your best bet would be asking some of the other owners around there.
foster lake
Yes i have the property map an it does go out like 150 ft but what im asking is just what did the agreement of oct.23 2006 with the state vs land owners say as of hunting rights on said lake. Yes hoping to maybe find property owners on here, not much time to drive there an look for people out side to talk to.
You might want to consider contacting MS Game & Fish in Jackson. They certainly will answer all of your questions.

Good Luck.
OK to hunt.
This is the best opinion I have found so far. Extracted from AGO and other opinions.

1. The public has a right to use the water in a public waterway in Mississippi for hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, etc.
2. The public cannot trespass across private land to get to the water but once you gain legal access to the water of a public waterway, you can legally use the entire waterway. Even though twenty landowners may own land around and under a public waterway, permission from one (or via public ramp) to access the water would give you legal access to the entire waterway.
3. The public’s right to the waterway only applies to water between the natural banks. The public cannot legally step out of the boat and onto the dry bank or bed of a public waterway without landowner permission. If the water has flooded beyond the natural banks, that is not public water.
4. Members of the public can wade, tie off to a tree, drop anchor, drop decoy weights, etc., as long as they are in the water between the natural banks.
You can only hunt over your property. So if you go in middle of lake you arent over your property anymore and are trespassing.

As far as fishing you can fish anywhere even during duck season but beware of hunters they don't like fisherman sppooking birds.

Good Luck
L Foster
What DEERDUCKSLAYER said is exactly right. Blinds built on L Foster are permanently built upon PRIVATE LAKE BOTTOM property. Property lines are marked, at least ours are, and blinds are maintained so that we can hunt them when we are ready to hunt. You can legally hunt your property but don't go into any other permanently erected blind on the lake. Someone might not take to kindly to that. And as he said, use your better judgment about fishing during duck season. Most people don't duck hunt past 1-2pm at the latest.
Re: Foster Lake (Mud Lake) Mississippi Duck Hunting
But isn’t this lake public now?