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Catfish Pond Stocking

I have some questions about stocking a pond with catfish. I have access to a pond that had a lot of catfish in it years ago but some kids would go in there and feed them and shoot the fish when they came up. I want to re-stock it for my little boy for when he gets big enough to fish. I need to know how many fish to put in it. Do I measure the pond and go by that? Also, do I need to 'kill' the pond before putting fingerlings in it? How long does it take a fingerling to grow big enough to catch? Thanks for any help.
LDWF Pamphlet

Catfish-only Stocking:
Especially Recommended for Ponds Under 1 Acre
100-200 fish per unfertilized acre,
200-400 fish per fertilized acre,
300-600 fish per acre when fed daily
If you want it to be a catfish only pond i would kill it first . That way if you have any mud cats in the pond you are rid of them b4 stocking.