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Lasalle Parish buck

On opening day of Area 2, I sat in my stand for about 4 hours that morning seeing nothing. That afternoon about 2pm, I crawled back in my stand with a light north wind blowing. This stand sits on a new clear cut, so I wasn't watching too much to the south of me due to the lack of trees. About 4:30pm I heard a deer grunt a couple of times and I grunted back, but after about 30 minutes of waiting I didn't see anything. About 6pm I happen to look back at the clear cut to the south of me and there he stood, an 8 point buck. I sat as still as I could, my heart feeling like it was going to explode in my chest. He finally moved enough where he was behind some scrub trees that was left after the cutting. I slipped my rifle through the window and was ready for him to step out the scrub brush. He took about 3 steps out into my lane, I put the crosshairs on his shoulder and sent 180 grains of hot lead through his lungs. I put my rifle down in the corner of the stand and sat there for a few minutes to catch my composure. With light fading, I got down to find my buck. I was disgusted to find very little blood but I didn't give up. After about 300 yards or so it seemed with crawling through the thicket across the creek from my stand, I found my buck. I then text my wife and told her to make room on the wall, because I had just killed a big one. I then started dragging this beast out, but realized I couldn't do it alone. I had a guy text me to ask if I was hunting and he sent help for me when I told him about my deer.

The deer is an 8 point and weighed about 200 lbs. It is my best to date and hopefully it will be a start to more quality bucks on the wall in my home.