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Huge hog

I didn't have a scale to weigh him but was just wondering what the general thoughts are about the weight of this larger than normal hog.
That's me in the background and I'm 5'8' 175
What kind of truck is it in?

We killed one a few years ago that reached from the side rail of a 16' trailer and it's head hung over the opposite side rail. It weighed right at 500lbs.

This one looks comparable. The one we killed tasted like garbage also. Hopefully yours doesn't. We gut shoot those big ones now. Most of ours come out of a swamp area also. I've been told what they eat makes the meat good or bad more than anything else.
that's a good one
Did he still have his man hood, or had he been cut? Better hope he was cut if you plan on eating him. I have been hog hunting with dogs my whole life and you don't catch em' that big everyday.. I would say just by the picture he would be knocking at 400s door.. They don't get heavier then that unless they are cut or have good blood in them. A Guy told me just the other day that you can take and cut the head off and weigh it then times it by ten and that will put you within 5 lbs. of their weight?? Haven't tried it yet but will find out on the next hog i butcher..
Man, that is a big 'un! What caliber is your gun? Congratulations
Nice !
I too have heard the head X 10 will get you very close. Also heard that a big boar uncut will not be good to eat, until I ate some of the best tasting pork, that came from a 400ish uncut boar, killed in a palmetta/oak swamp bottom. The roast was form the hind end. Friend that killed it said he was 4-5 hours getting the big hog outta the woods to the skinning shed. Super good! But also have ate boar pork that tasted rank. go figger....

Looks like that porker is laying in the back of a utility 4 wheeler, not a truck bed. Still a big nasty rascal. Congrats
I dunno where people get this story about having to cut the nuts off or it will taste bad from. I have killed several 500 pounders and they all tasted great without ever cutting or *bleeding* them.

That being said, is that a UTV its in? If so i'd guess it about 350-425, maybe a lil bigger. Great eating, and always a good story :)
Looks like around 400 to me. I asked the warden who kills a bunch of pigs in Richard K. Yancey this weekend how big they get out here on this public land. The answer I got shocked me. He told me he killed a 600lb boar that had most likely killed 3 hog dogs. His 550lb scale had bottomed out. When he showed us the picture of that beast my brother and I were stunned. He said he has killed a few over 400. I know I shot and lost a giant a couple years back, that went over 400 according to my taxidermist friend who later saw the wounded hog at 15yds. Those big pigs around out there indeed! Congrats on that monster!