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Need advice

Need some advice from you guys. I hunt a lease and some public land. Lease has been hit or miss. Did really good last weekened on public. This past weekened and today we saw a lot of Greys flying high on both property's. Blow duck call and they keep on moving. Don't blow call and they keep on moving. Duck weed growing in ponds. Seems like all good conditions. We put out 2 to 3 dozen decoys on lease and had only put a dozen on public trying to save wieght in pirouge for the long hike to this remote area. Do you think it's just normal or need more decoys when windy and cloudy like last 3 days? I've been a hardcore duck hunter since I was 7 or 8 years old. Always hunted marsh and never really used more than 3 dozen decoys. Just wanted to see others opinion or if any face same thing. Not sure if it's new birds comming in riding wind, old birds going from one sanctuary to another, ducks preference if pond size on those cloudy windy days, or if I'm just doing something wrong. Any thought are welcomed.
Same Issue
I've learned last couple hunts we made if your using a mojo and its cloudy dont put out and throw out a good spread if its sunny use it with a few dekes
and if your in an area with not a lot of hunters the birds don't and will not move they will go where they want to be. My advice do like im going to do on my lease for 2nd split scout and see where the birds want to be and hunt there,also use the type of species decoys you have in your area we only have grays and teal on the lease with a few black ducks and pintail so i'll just throw that.
Seems like all of the grey ducks on our lease are hanging out with the rafts of poul d' suggestion is to get a couple dozen of those decoys and use them as your spread. You do not have to purchase them if you have a couple dozen older decoys you don't use anymore, just paint those black and beaks white and it'll do just fine
Blue bird vs Clouds
If it is a cloudy day with mild winds, I hunt large spreads of 50-60 dekes in big open water. If it is clear skies and windy as hell with 20-25 knot North winds (like tomorrow will be) then I will hunt small water using less than 2 dozen dekes set in calm water as the ducks are looking to get out of the wind and choppy water. Blue birds days are my best hunts over cloudy days. I don't use spinning wing decoys. I think they flare ducks especially this far into the season. Being where the ducks want to be is key or at least observe their flyways and set up in a flyway. In regards to the large rafts of of 300-500 coots, well I don't think any of us can compete with the coots.
we have had thousands upon thousands of pouel deu rafts out here too.
Pool deau
Yea. This morning I had 150 pool deau or so in pond. 2 people killed limit in 30 minutes all greenwing. Yesterday hunted same pond and killed 2 spoonies. Crazy crazy crazy. Just gotta be there because you never know.

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