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Pinch myself

It's been so good I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming or in heaven. It all started on Nov. 14th when I went out to my camp out of Bayou Black Marina with the family and friends. Hunted Fri. thru Sunday and for the most part everyone took their duck limits back to the camp. Go to hunt with my wife, daughter and nephew which made it all the better. After the hunt we either caught big catfish off the dock or redfish in the marsh.

On Sunday, I got picked up at the dock and went to Grosse Savanne lodge south of Lake Charles. This place may be one of the top 10 waterfowl and goose hunting lodges in the country. Killed limits of ducks again with limits of specklebelly geese and a few 'eagle heads thrown in. After the hunt we went out in their private marsh and caught a stupid amount of redfish, some of the other guys went bass fishing and it was more of the same.

Got back to office on Wednesday and Thursday and then started to get the itch again with all the weather moving in. Meet up with my dad and few guys from the office and hunted Friday thru yesterday (11/25) and it was on big time. Lots of ducks looking to work. Easy limits everyday with more catfish, redfish and specks close by.

Was I dreaming? It don't get no better! Heading back to 'da camp soon.
Yes indeed !
It's amazing how good hunting and fishing gets when we aren't hammered by a hurricane for atleast a year . We've killed a few deer and it's looking like we might even kill a few more . Oh , and can't wait to hit the sacalait on the beds come feb - March .

Congrats to you and your family ... Hope y'all a happy thanksgiving and happy rest of the hunting season !
No doubt
No doubt about it. Every year we don't get a hurricane it gets better. I'm praying for the good Lord to give us a break for a while.
Grosse Savanne
I thought I recognized the guy in the last pick. Hunted at GS last year for a few days and he was one of the guides...good dude.

Oh yeah, and that place is really nice. Our trip was similar...limits of ducks and geese every day along with limits of redfish. Hard to beat it.
Great guide
Thomas is his first name. For the life of me, I can't recall is last name. He's a great guide that is plum ate up with killing birds - my kinda guy.
glade you all had fun, the weather is right to git-r-done, everybody should be having fun in the outdoors now.
For us in S. La. this is the perfect storm!
nothing for us this past week.
one of a kind
his name is Thomas alleman best man in my wedding, god father to my children couldn't ask for a better hunting partner/guide then this guy right here we grew up at each others sides chasing ducks and deer! Hes definitely a one of a kind guy. Haven hunted with him since we were kids this is definitely the guy you want to guide you!
good dude
hes also a professional bullfighter! he spent years fightin pbr rodeos but shut it down when he got married lol hes an animal!
What happened to all the ducks?
Well we went from hero to zero. My boys went out to the camp Wed., Thurs, and Fri and smashed the birds everyday. We went out this weekend thinking it's gonna' be on and nuttin! Hardly any ducks in the sky other than some early morning teal and a lone duck or two here or there. I'm figuring the lack of wind this weekend had the birds sitting out in some of the big lakes and bays all around and did not move???

However, the savior was the redfish. We smoked them in Lost Lake on plastic with a jig head. Unbelievably! Just about every other cast and we were catching reds between 8 and 15 lbs. My daughter and wife had a ball. He giveth and He taketh!

All in all it was a great ending to the first split of the coastal zone for us south of Houma.