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Ike's Fix It

I usually don't post stuff like this but feel the need to so someone else doesn't make the same mistake.
If any of you in the Prairieville/Gonzales area need small engine work, DO NOT GO TO IKE'S FIX IT SHOP on HWY 73 just south of HWY 42.
My generator was leaking oil from where the engine shaft goes into the generator itself. Easy fix, no big deal. I spoke with Ike and he even confirmed that is what it was. I dropped the generator off to them in June, telling them I was in no rush to get it back unless a storm was in the Gulf. I noticed that in the mechanic yard there were hundreds if not thousands of generators, lawnmowers, weedeaters and all kinds of other stuff. When I dropped it off, I had to leave a $50 deposit. The girl that did the paperwork told they were backed up and for me to call the first week of August to check on it. I called like she said and was told they were about to get to it and to call back in September. September's phone call resulted in being told to call in October.
I tend to be too nice to people when it comes to things like this and I didn't need it so I let it go.
I got a call from the shop last week and was told that it was ready and that my total (after deducting my $50 deposit) was $394!!!!!!!! Just to replace a gasket!!!! The generator, brand new is $619. So, after keeping it for 6 months, they charge me almost the price of a new generator to replace a gasket that takes less then an hour to replace (that is the 2nd time it has been replaced).
After complaining to a few buddies, all of them told me I should have known that would happen as that is the reputation they have. I wish I would have researched places first.
Hopefully my screw-up will help someone not make the same mistake.
I use to buy a part from him now and again before the parts place on hwy.44 opened. I was always amazed at the enormous amount of mowers, etc. that was sitting in the yard with repair tickets hanging off the handle. Only about a 1/3 were protected from the weather. Good luck!
cork - I wish I woulda went with my gut when I saw all the stuff in their yard. If I had, I woulda grabbed my generator and went somewhere else. I'm sure I will get hammered for this but when I saw the woman/girl working on stuff along with 2 other guys and their COMBINED age couldn't have been more than 60-65 years, that shoulda told me something too.
Before someone bashes me, I am sure those 3 people know way more than I do and I am not saying a woman can't be a mechanic. I'm just saying it struck me as odd. It would be the same if I go to a seamstress to get pants hemmed and a guy walks out to do the work.
We will find out what happens tomorrow......