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Patience is a Virtue

For years I have waited my turn to harvest a buck. I have hunted on my dad's lease for the last 12 years and have only come home with a doe each year. It was either bad timing, bad weather, full moon or something. This years my patience paid off and I finally had a chance. November 23, 2013, on a cold, windy, overcast, and rainy afternoon, I had a big buck (didn't know at that time) walk out onto the food plot about 200 yards away right at dark. Not a care in the world, he had his head down (I'm thinking its a doe as usual) and was walking and eating in the food plot, never once looked up at the stand. Slowly and quietly as possibly, I put up my gun, looked in the scope and realized it was a buck. I'm pretty certain I was shaking so much, I shook all the rain of the roof of the stand. I took a deep breath, waited till he turned broad side and took the shot. Once the smoke cleared I looked up but I didn't see the deer. My dad and boyfriend met me at the stand, we walked down the food plot to where I thought he was last standing. We found white hair, a drop of blood, and a piece of bone. The reaction on their faces didn't look too promising. There was not a blood trail, it was raining, dark, and I felt defeated. My dad walked off down a trail 20 yards away just to see if maybe....and there he was, big and beautiful. He hadn't run far at all and my shot was perfect. The first thing I did was hug my dad and thank him for teaching me how to hunt. I was so proud and most of all, he was proud of me. I will always be a daddy’s girl and forever grateful for him and teaching me to love the outdoors.
Its been about 2 weeks since my hunt and I still get excited to tell the story. It’s an excitement you can’t measure, explain or put a price on.
very nice deer