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This girl's got game...

For a 15 year old Brittney Hebert seeing deer is not much of a big deal considering the fact that she hand feeds them in her front yard. But that wasn't enough... She wanted to kill her first deer.

She went hunting with her uncle near Robeline for the week of Thanksgiving. She was sitting in the stand with him on Thanksgiving morning and a nice doe walked out... He set her up to shoot and by that time the doe was gone. She was upset but shortly after she seen another deer coming out of the woods...

At first she thought it was another doe so she told her uncle that there was another one. With the gun still out the window he told her to get ready. She looked through the scope and told him it was a buck and it was bigger than her aunt's deer. He couldn't see it so he told her to shoot it.

When he was able to see the deer it was walking into the woods and he said shoot... She pulled the trigger and it dropped within 10 feet from where she shot. She was so excited she was shaking and didn't want to wait, she had to go see it. They walked down the shooting lane and there he was with horns propped up against a tree.

Her first week ever hunting and she shot a 10 pt weighing 190lbs with 17inch spread...
A magnificent Buck, congrats to the young lady.