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Dularge report from 12-29-13 and 12-30-13

First of all, this will be a long post, so if you don't like long ones, please scroll on down to the next one. After reading all the controversial reports and comments concerning fishing guide reports being used for advertising, etc, I decided to post my report from Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. My fishing report will follow after I give a little background info. My name is Kenny LaCroix. I am from the Alexandria area. I am 56 years old. I am not a guide. I have been fishing for most of my life and still love to fish. I've been mostly a bass fisherman, but started inshore fishing for trout, redfish, flounder about 10-15 years ago and became hooked. My brother and I started out fishing Calcasieu Lake, mostly because it was the closest inshore fishing area for us. I've fished Grand Isle, Catfish Lake, Sulphur Mine, BVE, but have always wanted to try the Dularge/Cocodrie area. I know guides are very expensive, but to me it is worth it, especially if you are new to an area. I have had guided and unguided trips in all the areas that I mentioned above and have had both great and horrible trips with and without guides. This year I finally decided I was going to give the Dularge/Cocodrie area a try and decided to get a guide for at least the first couple of trips. From a recommendation of a good friend at work, I picked Marty LaCoste. I have now been on four guided trips with Marty since the end of summer. Marty has worked hard to put us on fish on all of these trips. Some were in horrible conditions and I know if I would have been on my own I wouldn't have done as well. Some trips were more successful than others as far as numbers of fish caught, but I learned something about the area on all of them and Marty always answered my questions on everything from how to fish a bait to what kind of bay boats were best. The point of all of this is that I appreciate all reports and I don't care if they do some advertising for themselves or the companies that sponsor them. I like to know if the fish are biting in an area. Hell, I love to look at the cleaning table full of fish, and the guides that have been criticized always post pics. Sure they embellish their reports a bit, but so what! When I first started reading the reports from there were a lot of guide reports from the BVE area and now I hardly ever see one. Same thing from the Calcasieu Lake area-I never see any on here. Guides-PLEASE KEEP POSTING!!! I think the majority on here like to read them. Now to my report from Sunday afternoon and Monday. Me, my brother Kelly and my friend Lloyd launched out of Jugs Tuesday afternoon around 2:30 pm and headed to a couple of spots that Marty had shown me. On the previous trips Marty had said that these spots were not secret spots but well known winter hotspots. The first is the intersection of two bayous (I think) where we had done very well on the previous guided trip with Marty. The tide was not moving much and the fish were not biting well. We then headed to a well known dead end canal to find that two other boats were already anchored in the prime locations. One of the boats was one of the other criticized guides (Travis Miller, who is also a fine fellow and guide). We began picking up a few fish here and there and eased our way up a little closer to the other boats (only after Travis suggested so, I am a polite fisherman). The fishing improved as we got closer to the more productive ends of the dead end canal, but the other two boats were still catching much better than us. Almost simultaneously, Travis announced that they would be leaving shortly and we could take his spot. The other fisherman also said he was one fish away from his limit and he had been catching some nice ones and we could start trolling over to where he was if we wanted to. Thank you to both. After they left we had both areas to ourselves and began catching some really nice trout until right at sunset, when the bite slowed to a crawl. Final tally was about forty keeper trout and at almost that many just under. Fish were caught on matrix shad on 3/8 ounce jig head as well as under a popping cork, and also some on sparkle beetles under a cork. The bite was usually very light, a lot of times it would just be pressure on the line like you were hung in grass, a gentle hook-set worked best. Monday morning we headed out around 5:30 and stopped at the intersection again. Tide was low and still falling. We caught a few undersized fish but it was slow so we headed to the dead end canal. There were already at least 5 boats in there and boats continued to pour in. It was crowded!!! We picked up around 10 keepers, but it was slow unless you had one of the good spots at the ends. On the last guided trip with Marty, the fish were all along the canal, not just at the ends but Sunday and Monday the bite was much better at the ends of the canal. It got too crowded for me so we decided to go try for redfish at another spot that Marty had shown me. On the way there we nearly had a high speed collision with a couple of oyster boats that didn't even slow down at a dangerous intersection. I was forced to pull back to idle and turn hard right onto a mud bank. We were stuck and barely able to get my boat off. The oyster boats waved and kept going!!!! Be careful. The rest of the day was shot because my motor kept overheating (mud, I guess) compounded by my jack plate quit working with the motor fully down. Jack plate ended up just being a loose connection. Sorry this report is so long. I don't understand all the fuss about the Guides' reports because even if all it tells me is the fishing has been on fire the last few weeks then it might be worth my while to try to get my butt down there before it's over. Keep posting guys!
Sorry Kenny , your report had too much common sense and not enough drama to draw much comment from the sour pusses and jealous individuals who just want to stir sh##. That's their purpose - not really the issues they pretend to have with whatever. I just ignore them, they hate being ignored!!!!!
Bla Bla Bla
Kenny L you longwinded spoilsport! We idiots love to whine about guides like Marty and Travis because we are jealous of them. They get to get up everyday at 4:00 am and get their boats ready. Then they get to take rich guys fishing. They get to help their wives and kids take smelly fish off their hooks in the cold and heat and rain. Then they get to clean all those slimy fish and throw their guts to the pelicans! Then they have to clean all that gear and stay up late till 9:00 pm or so and do it all again the next day! Thats why we are so jealous!
And then to top it off they take their little girls to the best honey holes and let them fish for free. And when regular fisherman pull up they tell you stuff like 'come on over closer, we got plenty of room'. And they have the gall to brag about it on LA
That's an awsome report. And the comments are priceless!!! :-). I quit posting in here but do come and read every now and then. I'm a guide myself. Christmas Day I helped a boat out like that. Told them to follow me. Got my limit told them come anchor where I'm at and wished them luck. The he caught a couple as I was leaving not sure how they ended up doin but hope the smoked them!
Thanks Kenny for the kind words.

Redheadedstranger - that was funny. Thanks for the laugh
Right On
redheadedstranger you sure you are not a guide because you hit the nail on the head.
My big dream
When I grow up I want to be a guide as long as I get to sleep till 7:00 or so. And can hire some kid to clean the fish and boat.
Maybe not.