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Duck hunting?

A buddy of mine is getting off the boat in a few days after spending a month on it and wanted to do some duck hunting but with it win late season we don't really know exactly where to go to do good. Any suggestions on where we could possibly kill limits? Or have a great opportunity at doing so? Thanks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Typo sorry. 'With it being late season'**
I can't tell you where the birds are but I can tell you that they are not in manchac!! Its been real slow out there but last weekend it actually got a little better. If you head out there- hunt the pot holes. the more shots are fired the more ducks start to move.

Ive heard Sherburne is hit and miss as with Delacroix. If you find any, let me know.

Good luck to you
Based on what I've experienced and read on here. Road trip to Arkansas would be in order. Or find a little slew locally with some oak trees on it and shoot some woodies. good luck.