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World's Largest Squirrel

A buddy of mine got pictures of what appears to be a giant squirrel from one of his feeders at his Mississippi lease last weekend. I've hunted all of my life and have never seen one close to this size. The pictures come straight off of his camera's memory card and have not been altered in any way, shape, or form. He says the the bottom of his feeder is about 3 foot from the ground. Has anyone else ever seen one this big, or know of a different species of squirrel that grows larger than others? I attached a couple of other pictures of give some contrast, Let us know what you think !!
Are you serious? You haven't seen one that big ever? I have killed quite a few pushing 10 pounds and have seen some even bigger.

Your either not much of a hunter OR it is easy to pull your leg.

haha. j/k

The picture is obviously altered.
Big squirrel.....
Isn't it funny how that darn varmit is sitting exactly the same way on Dec. 3rd and then again on the 13th. Hmmmmm, he must be 'stuffed' from eating all your feed.
More Pics
Check these out.
Mind trick
If you look at the bottom of all the pictures you can see the tip of a limb or stick that it's sitting on. It's a lot closer than it appears.
I take that back
It is a real squirrel and real pictures of that squirrel but the leg of the feeder was photoshopped to cross the squirrel.
big squirrel yes but no
GTR bow fisher, don't worry about them guys! some people are just jealous. looks real to me I believe you! in fact, I never told anyone this, but I walked up on my feeder late one day and a squirrel was eating from the top of the feeder and he was standing on the ground holding the feeder cover. never went back in the woods after that!! now that's true,, just didn't have a camera!
If the photos were not specifically altered, then itís just a matter of perspective. The squirrel is simply closer to the camera and it makes everything else look smaller.

You know, the same way guys hold fish out to the max length of their arms. The fish is closer to the camera and looks much larger than it really is.

If neither of these explanations is correct, Iím not going anywhere near those woods. (lol)
First of all the very first pic shows the monster 'behind' the leg of the feeder,the normal sized squirrel is on the leg of the feeder and would, therefore be closer to the camera, so the 'closer to the camera' theory is debunked. You probably don't believe in the Honey Island Swamp Monster, the Tainted Keitre, giant squid, Papa Noel,the tooth fairy, or the Rougarou either. Mark my words, the day will come when you will pay for your folly.
your funny
you got to be kidding me.
look at the feeder legs. wow.
you can't possibly think this is real.
Appreciate all the comments, believers or not. But, let me assure all of you that my buddy is not nearly computer literate enough to Photoshop or alter these pictures in any way. You can clearly see in some of the pics that he is behind the feeder legs. For the ones who noticed the white around the feeder legs, those are tack strips that are tie wrapped onto the legs to keep the coons off of the feeder. Here are a few more pics of this creature. He is actually going back to his camp this weekend, just to try and kill this monster.
Please keep us updated on this mythical creature. I would love to see the look on the taxidermists face when this thing shows up to be mounted!!!
dont do it!!!
tell your buddy don't kill it, trap it!! like get a bear trap and catch it, then mate it! can you imagine how much squirrel meat a hunter would have after one squirrel season? that is unless the squirrel wins? we all mite wind up eating crow instead of squirrel and I really hope so!!
Fake....I mean Squirrel
Can you imagine the thump when THAT squirrel hits the ground?????? Assuming he is not bullet proof or able to dodge the shot....
Giant Bass
Wow, look at this giant bass. It must weigh 80 pounds. Maybe it has been eating at the same feeder as the squirrel???
I guess u showed that guy what for!!
World smallest deer
I know these answer to the riddle. That is a mini feeder and that is the world's smallest deer!