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Hunting property lines

Anyone know of any laws regarding hunting too close to property lines? I have a stand approximately 40 yards from my neighbors property line and he's graffitied it with 'move this stand or I'll tear it down' and 'too close'. Oh and there are no shooting windows facing his property, I'd never fire into someone else's property.
Your land is your land, as long as you are 100% sure the line is correct.
You can't shoot on someone elses land, but when the whole animal crosses on your land, you can shoot it.
We have people always hunting our line. As always you best bet is to first be nice, contact the guy with a map showing property lines. Then take it to the next level if he tears down your stand. Set up a camera hidden very well, then you can charge him with tresspassing.
Oh there's no disputing the property line, he put up a fence lol.
No law against it
No law against it. Probably bad form to set up on the line if he already has a stand/plot/feeder that you are now looking onto.

He's trespassing if he is spray painting your stand. call the sheriff and file a report.
He may be right
Depending on where you are there may be parish ordinances that state how far you must be from a property line. Here it is 50 yards, and 100 yards from center line of creek if the creek is the property boundary. Of course you can shoot a deer any distance as long as its on your side but you cant take up a hunting position any closer than those distances. check with your local district attorney's office or law enforcement and they should be able to clear that up.
I'm going to check into the parish ordinances. Regardless, he did commit trespassing and damage to property or vandalism.
game cams--high and very low--not at eye level will catch the guy