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Had a good day ...

Had a great day in the swamp yesterday ..... I've never seen anything like this but my son and my buddy and me went hunting and all three of us killed bucks that were chasing does .

I told my son to not shoot a doe so when he saw a doe he got out his phone and began filming it . Not long after that he heard grunts coming from behind her . He stopped filming and dropped an 8 pt in his tracks .

I hadn't even climbed in my tree yet and heard deer running toward me grunting . A doe passed not 10 ft from me with a 7 pt hot on her trail . I shot him as he went by and he never flinched , but ran another 60 yds and fell .

While my son and me were high fiving and celebrating , my buddy shot a 5 pt that was running a doe past him .
Congrats guys.
Great bucks great hunt

CPR Taxidermy
WOW, that's awesome! 3 in 1. How lucky can you get? That's the kind of days that make us go sit in a tree the rest of the year and wait for. I'm pumped for ya'll.
Congrats again Choupic, Im still pumped for you guys. Yall deserved it
Thank y'all !
Oh man , it was a heck of a day ! It all just happened , I can't explain it . We were basically just hunting a lot of fresh sign , not much buck sign but heavy trails .

We were all amazed and we must have stopped our over loaded boat 3 times on the way back , just laughing and re telling how it all happened to each other . We did have to reposition the weight in the boat to get it to ride right .

It's definitely a day none of us will soon forget