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Dularge 12/19

Well the morning started out kinda weird, the ski got real dark after daybreak then it just blew away?
Had good friend Capt Rob Dupont , Mr Roy from Prairieville and his buddy (forgot his name), on board the Bluewave this morning for what we thought would be a redfish trip. Reds were still there and biting but, the big trout wanted to play also. The trout and reds were both on the bottom in 6 to 10 feet of water in the bayous deep in the marsh. Matrix Shad and HLT Gold Tiger swim bait slow on the bottom is what it took and you had to be able to feel the light bite. As it warmed up the smaller but still nice trout moved over the shallow flats but, the bigger trout stayed in the deeper water.
The bite was never fast but, keep moving and keep picking and the numbers will add up. Riding around looking for other boats that are catching won't fill your box. We quit a little before 1 pm with 75 nice trout and 6 reds, I'll take that any day!

Be aware the fish are deep in the marsh and water is at winter low levels. If you are not familiar with the area you can get in big trouble real fast! Be careful out there.

Capt Elton Rodrigue
Great job Capt. you did a lot better than we did in the rigolets. low ,low water and muddy. a few reds but thats it. Might make it down to the DU next weekend.
How'd you guys rig the matrix shad? I fished lake de cade and surrounding areas all day today and finished with 10 trout. People around me catching fish and I threw everything in the boat at them with not much luck
1/4 oz jig head, braided line, tight lined. Very slow retrieve. If people around you are catching and you are not you are not feeling the bite. If you feel anything different, no mater you small, set the hook.
30 pound Power Pro Slick 8 tied direct to 1/4 or 3/8 ounce jig head. Majority of the time its just a slow steady retrieve and wait for the hit. Sometimes they want a little twitch. Like Capt E said, anything you feel different set the hook. It could be tension or pressure you feel in the line, or a actual bump, always set the hook!! Hint: keep a eye on your line, if you see it straighten out (your getting a bite).
Mr. Roy
Elton, is that the same Mr. Roy I fished with on that 2 day trip? Can't wait to get back down there. Looking for late March or early May so let me know what your schedule is for that time period. I just rigged my boat up with a power pole and an i-Pilot on the TM. Hopefully I'll hook up with my other cajun buddy while I'm down there Kenny Boy. Getting sick of this 20 to 5 degree weather we've been getting lately. Suppose to be in the 40's this time of year. Suppose to jump to 52 on Sunday but going right back to 5 for low and 25 for high on Monday.