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New Orleans

I recently moved to New Orleans and Im looking for some areas to go fishing off the bank. Not really picky about what I catch, just would like to find something to catch near the city Id appreciate any ideas
Look at the inshore fishing forum list, and if you scroll down there is a post made a couple of days ago by another guy asking about bank fishing. Angler Management responded with an excellent listing of places to check out.

What I'll add, if you don't care about exactly what you catch and you are up for a little drive, is to try hitting the Bonnet Carre Spillway in Norco. A lot of little ponds spread out, you can easily find catfish/perch. Just stick to the dirt roads that look like they are used and don't venture off of them, especially if you don't have 4 wheel drive.

People say City Park or the Lakefront, and I have tried both. Either I am not finding the right spots or I am using the wrong bait (doubtful.) I avoid both and would rather drive out to Delacroix, Shell Beach, or Hwy 1.

Good luck and be sure to have a fishing license and know your limits! Wildlife and Fisheries has a much easier time checking people on the side of the road vs running out to people's boats.
try city park. possibly lake ponchitrain
On the west bank about 40 minutes from downtown NOLA is a town called Lafitte. They have a very nice public fishing pier next to the fire station just below the town. Good lighting for night fishing and I always see people fishing and catching from that pier.
Good Luck
I grew up on the south shore. There is so many places to fish it's crazy. Problem is you need to put your time in and learn what techniques work and which ones don't. If a lure looks like a 'gimmick' it probably is.
Wade fishing lake via drive
Parish line canal Kennah brah
Other pArish line canal near buck town
West end point
West end boat launch
Orleans ave canal
Bayou St. John at lake
Old 'Lovers Lane'
London ave canal
SeaBrook bridge area.
Wade fishing off Haynes.
This is just a few from the bank that I have PERSONALLY caught fish at growing up. Hell my dad is still out there daily at one of these spots. (Well it's been a little too chilly for him pAst few days)
There are countless places to fish but some are tricky. Learn the Area you plan on fishing WELL!!
LeArn it's depth. Learn if any drop lofts. Learn if any snags. All this will help in end.
City park is always a good place to start. There are plenty of bass and big ones too- bass up to 11 pounds have been shocked up to the surface while the LDWF was shocking it before the rodeo last year. There are also plenty of panfish in there too.