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Hog number 3 is down

After reading about what happened to Chris Morris, some of you guys might get scared off. But this is something I REALLY like to do. My buddy Mike and I did some hog stalk hunting yesterday. We jumped one within the first five minutes, but could not see it well enough to try a shot. After that close encounter, we walked for another 2 hours before we had any more action. We walked upon a huge hog bedding area that I know of and this time the hogs were there. They ranged in size from 10 lbs to around 300 lbs. There was about fifteen or so and they did not hear or smell us as we approached. A nice sow stepped into an opening and was looking right at me from 20 yards. I was using my .22 Marlin mag rifle. She was facing me and I was able to put a shot on her that hit dead center in her throat. With the shot, hogs were running in all directions. Mike could not quite get a bead on several different ones as they ran, stopped and ran again. A few minutes later, the huge boar we saw earlier came back to the bedding area and poked his head in to see what had happened. Before I could get my rifle to my shoulder, he wheeled around and bolted. There was still another close by that Mike could see, but in the thick brush he could not get a clear shot. Eventually, that one retreated into the thicket and we were done. The sow I shot left a very easy to track blood trail to the spot she expired only 30 yards away. It took a lot of walking, but it all paid off when we arrived at the right place at the right time. You just never know when and where you might find the hogs. Next time it will probably be a different area. You have to adapt as they move. Stalk hunting hogs is a
blast and if you have not tried it yet, you should.
I like it!
Amen! I'm sure MorrisvsWild will get back in the ring and I sure hope all is well for him. I too am an avid hog hunter. Not only do I enjoy hunting them with every weapon I have short of a spear, the meat is sooooo gooood. I am with you R.A. stalking is by far the most exciting especially for the adrenaline junkie in me. I have been able to get mere feet from them at times where I was able to make easy pistol shots. Considering that, the goring story is like a dose of reality to remind me that I could get hurt. But in the end I sure it would take a hell of a lot to scare people like the LASPTSMN members from hunting.

Thanks R.A. always enjoy your posts and articles. I'm adding a pic from one of my favorite hog hunts. Went before work one morning. Walking up to a feeder I saw a group coming out of the swamp and coming towards me down the levee. I quickly crouched down in the tall grass less than 10yds from the feeder (I was next to the game camera). I waited and they came directly to the corn, so I picked out the big sow and made one of my 'I don't like to track hogs in flooded timber' shots through the neck into the boiler room. She went less than 20yds and fell stone dead. Then came the interesting part. By myself, have to be at work in less than an hour, and have to get a 125lb hog into the bed of my not so low truck, unassisted. Lets just say that ratchet straps have other uses such as a mini comealong ha ha. I somehow made it to work on time.
Hog stalking
SB your hog and mine look like twins! Haha! I have been amazed how close you can get to a hog and not be detected if the wind is right and also when they are rooting. Now when they are sitting on a nest, it has been a different story for us. Almost every time they bolt from the nest before we can get a shot on them. We are wary of what a hog will do after it has been shot, but the situation that happened to Chris was pretty chilling. It definitely gives me pause to consider what I might do, if that happened to me. So far, none of the hogs I have encountered has ever shown aggressiveness of any kind.
Get Them HOGS!!!
Hey guys, thanks for all the positive thoughts, I really appreciate the sportsmanship.

Sounds like y'all are having a blast out there, while I try and heal up. I look foward to hunting hogs in February, for one I'm a bow hunter and spend the early season chasing deer with the bow in Mississippi. I love to squirrel hunt as all of us started our hunting careers doing it as young kids. I make the February season my squirrel and hog season, and I wait all year for it, I love it. Just two years ago I bought my Savage Arms .22 mag. It drives tacks. Its terrible that I got taken out on the very first hunt.

Let me say this, for who ever may read this. I truely believe what happened to me is like winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning, it was a one and a million shot. I've been doing this way to long and encountered plenty of hogs as Ricky mentioned he had too and NEVER NEVER have I ever had a hog unprovoked out right attack. I had hogs that I was tracking make false charges and some even popped their teeth, but NEVER charged. I can't wait to get back out there, knowing that there is more harm that can happen to you in the city than in the woods.

So people, stay alert, things do happen, but please don't let what happened to me deter anyone from enjoying the great outdoors.

Ricky, keep at them beast, nothing like wild hog meat. You had a rough start to your season and I'm having a rough end. Maybe next year we will have better luck and I may take you up on that hunt down that way.

Good luck and stay safe.