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Info on Theriot area

I am thinking of getting a camp in theriot area. I have never fished there before just wondering what kind of fish can be caught there and how far of a boat ride to catch fish. Can you catch crabs in bayou dularge and falgout canal? How far of a boat ride to maybe do some shrimping? Does anyone know of any camps for sale in Fishersman Retreat are Southern comfort?
Kevin, Dularge offers everything you listed and depends on where you decide to settle. Fishing the lake Decade area can produce trout only during the winter but redfish and bass year around. If you go south about 7-10 miles you can find trout in Lake Mechant and Sister Lake all year except during the summer months when the trout move to the coast and offshore oil rigs to spawn. Shrimping is dependent on the season and you can look at WLF website for that. You can catch crabs all over the Dularge area. There are always camps for sell down here and I would imagine you can look online or find a realitor for that. Good luck in your search
Good fishing both salt and fresh in this area.
DeCade holds trout in the fall and early winter,
you can go North of DeCade for fresh water.

Shrimp, you need to go to the end of the road in
Dularge to launch from there you can get to Mud Lake, Sister Lake and Mechant. You probably don't want to crab in Falgout canal due to boat traffic.
There are traps in Decade.

Search the internet for Theriot real estate to find camps.
I have a camp in Southern Comfort and there is 1 camp being built on Snapper Court that is for sell. I don't have any other info.