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Lake verret bass

What's your bait of choice to fish lake verret right now? What's the one lure you'll pick up and won't lose confidence in when fishing with the cold water temps? Thanks guys!
3/8 ounce white/blue/chartreuse Humdinger spinnerbait
This time a year I do good with candy bug worms it's purple almost like June bug in
the canals once it warms up chart spinner bait caught a lot of bass on both of them
Trusty Jig
3/8 oz. Black/Blue jig with craw trailer. I like the Netbait Paca Chunk, but there are tons of trailers you could put on it.
Went Saturday (51 degree water) and although we didn't land most of our bites, we certainly had the bites to compete in the club tournament we fished out of Verret. That's just our lack of experience fishing a jig. Gotta make myself use it more so that I catch those fish instead of wondering what might have been.