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How was your hunting season?

How was your hunting season? I had another phenomenal season taking 1 hog and 2 does with bow first couple weeks. I let about 20 does pass after that then got a lucky break and killed a nice 17' wide buck stalking with bow in pure pine plantation. That was as good as it gets. I nailed another nice buck around 215 lbs two weeks before Christmas chasing a doe with my actual muzzleloader, when the smoke cleared he was right there. Then around Christmas I killed a mature 8 pointer 17' wide I had given a pass to last year hoping he would improve but he didn't. He came in working scrapes at 4:30 In afternoon. Since I was done with deer I switched gears and started stalking hogs on WMA's with my bow, muzzleloader, rifle and 22 magnum. I took some hogs with each weapon. I spent from after Christmas till about February 7 chasing hogs. It was awesome and I saw many giants but usually had 22 magnum so I didn't shoot, it just isn't enough gun for 200 to 350 lb boars. I did video quite a few with phone and shot 22 hogs with all weapons. I also had my most exciting but intense hunt ever. I slipped up on a legitimate 350 lb hog laying with sow in heat. There were 6 other boars between 180 and 240 lbs around her and when they would try to come in he would wear them out. I was only 20 yards away and there was lots of big hogs screaming and grunting. It was intense and I only had 22 magnum so I stayed hidden and enjoyed the show and yes I was very much on edge. I was about 2 miles deep, if all those boars would have got after me they would of never found anything left of me. Probably the highest my heart has ever raced. Hope y'all had a great season.
Hey Jim save some for the rest of us, Congrats. a couple of does and an 8 pt for me , no complaints
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Dude, I think u need a bigger gun.(see morris) We had a great season. I got some pics of 2 bucks together, then killed them with muzzleloader dec.14-15 on different stands and half mile from where I got their pics. My wife killed big 11pt. on jan.1. Passed a lot of nice bucks but never filled my last tag.
bigjim, I had a good season. My wife and I killed a few deer on Louisiana Public land, one being a 218lb swamp donkey 11 point.

To sum it up, early in the season I got eaten up by some mosquitoes.

Late in the season I got eaten up by a hog!

Next year I will carry more mosquito spray and try and come up with a bottle of hog spray, them suckers hurt when they bite.

Yeah I wish I could use a bigger gun but the wma rules only allow weapon legal for seasons in progress. Many times it's squirrel season or split for deer or closed season for deer so weapon that is legal is rim fire or shotgun with fine shot. I enjoy the precision of rifle over blast of shotgun so 22 mag is the only semi capable choice. Morris if u study pamphlet you'll see u can have your center fire pistol in addition to long gun during squirrel/rabbit season to adjust attitude of the now Semi famous Honey Island Swamp Monstaaa.