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2-22-2014 Manchac results

We had a great turnout on Saturday with 23 boats. I had a feeling it was going to take between 10 and 12 lbs to win this tournament and it did. It took 11.59 lbs to take home 1st place and it took over 10 lbs just to crack the top 5! There was great competition out there, and it showed with a close and exciting weigh in. I had a great time putting it on, and I want to thank all you guys for coming out and making this a really fun and competitive tournament. It’s doubtful I can squeeze another in for March so be keeping an eye out for an April tournament. We paid out 6 places today and 3 places big bass. Here are the results:

1st place- Rebstock / Remo with 11.59 lbs
2nd place- Chris Galloway / Jonathon Graham with 11.22 lbs
3rd place- Laramie Hill / Carl Turner with 10.61 lbs
4th place- Chris Barrett / Kevin Schilling with 10.35 lbs
5th place- Bradley / John Spinosa with 10.09 lbs
6th place- Jonathan Byrd / PJ Lonergan with 9.54 lbs
7th place- Wade Lott / Roger May with 9.22 lbs
8th place- Jp Bond / Joe Bond with 9.03 lbs
9th place- Dylan / Mitch with 8.32 lbs
10th place- Mike Page / Roy Vicknair with 8.05 lbs
11th place- Derek / Darren with 7.95 lbs
12th place- Cody Law / Johnny Law with 6.19 lbs
13th place- Ronald Pierre / Roger Buie with 5.55 lbs
14th place- Rudy Smith with 5.30 lbs
15th place- Ross Carnko / Allan Carnko with 4.84 lbs
16th place- Jason Bayham / Deric with 3.41 lbs
17th place- Lee Kelley / Lance Cortez with 2.23 lbs
-No one else weighed any fish

Big bass results:

1st place- Rebstock / Remo with a 4.00 lbs
2nd place- Jason Bayham / Deric with 3.41 lbs
3rd place- Bradley / John Spinosa with 3.33 lbs
Never woulda thought we'd have a day like we did, planned on making a long run but hit a few honey holes on the. Way and decided not too. Team rebstock / remo(hymel*) lol
Few pics