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Has anyone fished the spillway between Norco and Laplace lately? Catching anything ?
I was wondering if those new ponds along Airline Hwy are open to fishing.
Looking for some bank fishing for my grandkids.
Thanks for any information you may have.
BC Spillway
I haven't fished down there this year, but I rode thru the river side of the spillway a few weeks ago and did not see anything blocked off or closed. You should have plenty of places to take the kids out there just be careful of the mud in certain places. Good luck and let us know how you do!
Might have luck!!!
i been in the spillway a few times. i HEARD some ppl catching sockalit in the ponds closer to river road but yes it is very sloppy and boy it cost alot to pull u out!!!
if u are looking for a good spot to catch fish on the bank i had alot of luck back at the norco pervilan back by the lake. they usually have alot fo reds there this time of yr. good luck buddy. let us know how u did!!