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Sonar Unit

Capt Paul - or anyone else with an opinion

I am not sure if you can say one way or the other but I was hoping you can point me in a specific direction. I am about to purchase a GPS/Sonar unit for my console and a sonar unit for the front of my boat. I am looking at the Humminbird 859ci HD (front) and Humminbird 678c HD (bow). I also am looking at the Lowrance Elite 7x HDI (bow) and Lowrance Elite 5 HDI (bow).

Any opinions on which is better? I fish freshwater and fish mainly Spillway/Verret but do go to other lakes/oxbows all over the state.

Thnaks for the help.
The way to go!
Either should suit tour GPS and sonar needs. But I suggest that you first check what internal maps are available and their prices.

Then go to a stocking dealer and actually view the unit with the maps/charts you need.

Do your home work before you actually purchase the system.

Captain Paul