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I HAVE A 20 FT. ALLUMINUN BOAT (SIMILAR TO SKULLYS OR HANKO) It needs a new paint job. What types of paint to be used and what prep. It was painted when new but diamond plate decks are walked off (paint) and there is some peeling on the outside ) What is necessary to do for prep clean well/ sandblast/ pressure wash ect? what process is used by boats like gravois ect? Boat show coming up think someone there could help>
Your best bet is sandblasting it. The only problem is stopping or getting the sand out the double bottom. The only other option is wire wheeling the whole boat but would take some time and a lot of work. the factory does not prep to the steel as far as giving the paint a profile to stick to. With no profile it won't last. Give the surface a profile and use industrial epoxy primer and finish coat and will last longer than you will ever have to worry about.

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