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Tide Question

need help with a tide question around Lake Mechent, Bayou DeCade, and surrounding areas. I went for a quick recon mission and noticed the tide rising pretty quick around 6:30 A.M. yesterday morning. When looking at the tide guides, I haven't found one that seems to match what the water was actually doing. from what I saw yesterday morning, it looked more like Sat. Raccoon Island's tide minus about 6hrs. I was closer to the Bayou Decade/Jug lake area. Does anyone have a area tide that you go by with the time difference? Thanks in advance for the info.
Sister Lake
Check out Sister Lake Bouy. Give you real time data from Sister Lake. Typically add a couple hours the further North you go.
capt. Marty,

thanks for the info. as long as I've been out there, could never figure out what time the tide was. oh, looking forward to our trip with you May 18. You the Man!
The tide charts for an area should be used as a guide only as the wind direction, time of year and barometric pressure affects the actual tide movement for any given day. For instance if a strong cold front is blowing thru the north wind is going to push water to the gulf along with high pressure behind it and the tide may not come up as predicted.

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