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This is yet another blatant display of the deep prevailing corruption that seems to be so much a part of the LDWF. The LDWF apparently are able to break the laws of the state of Louisiana, laws you and I must obey, laws that are enforced at the point of a gun with the threat of jail time. The arrogance of the LDWF’s elitist attitude demonstrates that they believe they are untouchable and are above the laws that you and I are forced to obey. If you get caught with a loaded firearm in the WMA you will be fined $200, but they can ride in helo's and

Then there’s the misinformation, and outright lies that continually come from the LDWF. As recently as the “Public Meeting” this past Saturday in Slidell, LA, LDWF biologist Christian Winslow was heard by several people in attendance to say that the LDWF doesn’t have the money to hire any additional man power to bush hog the trails more than once a year, and acknowledged that this lack of funds was the reason the LDWF has abandoned so many trails in this WMA. That’s right, the LDWF says they don’t have the funds to cut the grass even though it’s been reported that the National Wild Turkey Federation purchased and donated the bush hog and bull dozer at the PRWMA solely for the purpose of maintaining the trails, which is habitat for the turkey (and much of the other wildlife in the WMA).

The LDWF wants us to believe that they don’t have enough money to cut the grass, which provides habitat for the wildlife, but they have more than enough money to pay for helicopter rides for a privileged few to illegally destroy hogs that provide meat for our familes. If there was ever a case for wanton waste this would be it.

In conclusion, the LDWF refuses to allow hunters to carry center fire rifles, or buckshot all through the hunting seasons to harvest hogs for food, or even extend the hog hunting season, which are the established methods of effectively managing wild animal populations, which would not cost the State of Louisiana a penny. Instead, the LDWF, who claims they don’t have enough money to cut the grass, will waste our tax dollars joy riding in helicopters to destroy meat that could have fed our families.

LDWF Announcement
desperate times/desperate measures
Pretty clear to me you don't own any land. If you did you would know that pigs destroy it. I don't know one landwoner that welcomes pigs, plenty of hunting clubs welcome them but they only lease the land. They are fun to hunt and provide some meat but at the end of the day all they do is compete with game animals and destroy habitat. If you do not get on top of the problem you will be fighting it forever.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and that is what this is - a desperate measure.
Really...LOL Go back and read
Perhaps you don't hunt on public lands, or hunt hogs, or you're just's not about owning land, this is for those that hunt PUBLIC LANDS. Go back and read, there are many methods for controling population, none of which cost the tax payer a dime. Yet you seem to think this costly, and ineffective method is justified. Perhaps you can offer an explantion as to how you justify this cost to the taxpayer to destroy meat that could have been on the tables of LA resident hunters, while other proven methods of population control that didn't cost a dime are not used, like extending the season, allowing center fire rifles,or buckshot and slugs to hunt them all season. Will be waiting for that... got popcorn out, and ready to be enlightened...
you don't understand
If you let these things get more out of control than they are, they will completely ruin your hunting for GAME animals -deer, turkeys, etc. They wreak havoc on the landscape, trust me you do NOT want these things on your property. Not to mention they spread disease.

If you are that desperate for some meat go out after the helo hunt and pick up some dead pigs
Now thats a great idea!
Who do I know with a fast boat to keep up with the choppers cause Im loadin up on left behind pigs! I do have to say though, if the LDWF would have adjusted the regulations on wild hogs 5 or so years ago in the Pearl WMA to allow hunters to 'get ahead of situation' as they should have, then there would be no need for the taxpayers to foot the bill for some agents to go get their kicks while shooting some pigs from helos all while leaving the meat to rot and waste. But then again, when have politicians or law enforcement ever thought logically.
I've got a great idea
Why don't we have a hog killin tournament ? We can charge 500$ a team . 1/2 the money made we put back into getting the turkey population back on management areas like it use to be
ldwf could have charged for this, i know i would have paid them to take me on such an excursion, sounds like fun to me
Usless slaughter from the air
Please read my e mail to the LAWL&F and send your comment to their office and senator AG Crowe.............................................Ladies & gentlemen,
This e mail is to object and demand termination of the plan to conduct aerial feral hog control utilizing helicopters on the Pearl River WMA during the week of March 10.
The invalid reasoning that the wild hog population is excessive and causes habitat destruction is absurd!
My residence is very near the PRWMA and I've been a frequent visitor to this property for the last 44 years.
The feral hogs have been there for hundreds of years and have not caused 'habitat destruction' as you allege.
In fact, their rooting aerates the soil and the marsh restores itself better than before during the next growing season.
Any harvesting of feral hogs should be at the pleasure of the many sportsman hunters that enjoy this property and have paid for licenses to do so..
In farmland areas they can be destructive to crops but they do nothing to degrade or destroy the marshes..I don't know of any hunter of the PRWMA that would welcome your helicopter slaughter of fair game....
Aerial shooting from helicopters is an unnecessary waste of taxpayers money and an abuse of the public trust. Additionally the dead hogs are left to rot and the wounded left to die a slow agonizing death.
The feral hogs have always been fine table fair and a challenging hunt for our many sportsman and should remain so without any interference from LDWF personnel.
If the hog hunter harvest on the WMA was not successful enough....extend the season. This is a clear case where government should not be the solution.
holy moly you can't be serious?
Cessna, you are kidding right? right? please tell me you don't think hogs are helpful like you are portraying here:

T'he feral hogs have been there for hundreds of years and have not caused 'habitat destruction' as you allege.'

Wow wow wow

'In fact, their rooting aerates the soil and the marsh restores itself better than before during the next growing season.'

Hogs are helpful to the marsh? Come on man we gotta educate you on this. There is not ONE good thing about pigs and the landscape, they do nothing but harm. The ONLY good thing about a pig is they are good to eat, that is it. You have to realize this

'In farmland areas they can be destructive to crops but they do nothing to degrade or destroy the marshes..'

See my post above, they are good for nothing

'I don't know of any hunter of the PRWMA that would welcome your helicopter slaughter of fair game....'

They are NOT GAME animals, they are outlaw qudrupeds, they are not good for Louisiana. If you want a pig, go buy one and raise it, but please don't let em loose
The hogs are out of control in the pearl.
WVUE Fox 8 News Hog Story
WVUE Fox 8 News is doing a story on the killing of hogs by the LDWF at 9:00 PM tonight...
how about this
Designate a weekend in March to be pig killing time for us locals... Game wardens can be at all the access points and check us from head to toe for deer parts. We all go in with whatever gun we want and shoot pigs. Bet we would kill more pigs and it wouldn't cost anything to tax payers....
people against killing pigs by helicopter
you guys need to just renew your membership to PETA and then send them the tape of the news story on killing pigs by helicopter if you all are so against it. They may be able to help you all since apparently everyone is against it. Maybe stand in front of the helicopters before they take off and protest the slaughter of these 'innocent, non-destructive, beneficial animals' haha!
Now Resorting to Rediculousness and/or Stupidity
Slickhead... have you run out of inteligent arguments and are now resorting to this sort of rediculousness and stupidity? This has never been about not killing hogs, it's about the LDWF wasting money and mismanageing the WMA at Pearl River.

Slickhead...since you apparently have the inside track from the LDWF perhaps you can answer some guestions for the rest of us unenlightened ones (local hunters of the Honey Island Swamp).

1. Since LDWF claims there are too many hogs in the swamp, can you tell us just how many hogs are in the swamp?

2. Can you tell us how the number of hogs was determined?

3. In light of the fact that the pine woods of Louisiana and Mississippi have huge deer with big racks, and no oak trees around, and that hogs usually eat rotten acorns that deer wouldn't eat, and that deer are browsers that eat leaves, can you explain to us how it is that you are able to prove that the hogs are competing for the deer's food?

4. Can you explain why if hogs are such a problem that the seaon on hogs was not extended, and the method of taking them not open to allow centerfire ammo, all of which are free, before it got to this 'critical' stage where expensiver helicopters are needed?
I'll try to answer some of those 'guestions' about those 'expensiver' helicopters.

1. Nobody knows exactly how many hogs are there. Not even the local hunters that claim LDWF is so stupid.

2. The number of hogs was determined by a previous flight in one of those expensiver helicopters. Yes there is a lot that can be learned from a flight. You make it sound like they are a bunch of drunk buddies partying it up on your dime.

3. They learn this by examining stomach contents of hogs they have killed. Again, their job doesn't consist of martinis and booby tassels.

4. If it was determined that the local hunters were not killing enough hogs throughout the entire season, why would you think they would all of a sudden step up their game in an extended season?

Surely someone with your knowledge already knew the answers to your questions, so what's the real reason you posted them? Grudge against the LDWF? Jealous that they can hunt and you can't? Wanna manage public land to suit you? What is it?
Wow, excellent questions night.
season open all year
i agree that we need to keep the season open all year long and 24 hours a day to start reducing te numbers.
Only eat rotten Acorns haha
Honey Island Batman, I can show you two places in Louisiana that you can walk the entire forest and never see a bit of hardwood regeneration due to an overabundance of pigs. These places are dominated by mature oaks yet not one seedling there because the pigs have eaten or rooted every acorn on the place. That is not natural. They also have had to replace the electrical poles in these areas several times due to the hogs rooting around them for the creosote on the poles. Its all fun to go an hunt them and bring one home and cook it, but its not fun if it costs you money as a property owner. They are not good. They cost us a ton of money in damage. They are bad. Period.
True Dat
True Dat slick. Before the hog huggers start calling BS in Slick take a look at these pics of an old telephone pole on my property. Look at how they dug the ground out to get to the pole.

Have you seen the youtube videos of the guys shooting hogs from helicopters? Looks like tons of fun!
LDWF hog hunting
If y'all would take a bit of your internet soldier time to do some research ,You would find that the helicopter is being donated to LDWF to help control the wild hog population that is tearing up the marsh worse than nutria,
Whats Destroying the marsh?
Hogs root up the corner grass for the grubs underneath. They cannot digest soil. Therefore no soil disappears. They aerate the soil like the DU projects up north to promote new healthy growth. Look on Google earth...very detail and show me one example where hogs are destroying the marsh in the PRWMA. Now look at the photo below and really see what's tearing up the marsh.
No Free Lunch
Any way you kook at it the taxpayer is paying high dollar for something a sportsman hunter can do.
Better Photo
Typical Pond in the PRWMA
Typical Pond
Mud Boats
I find it comical that the LDWF is using air support to kill hogs because they are detrimental to the deer population and other things. Yet they wont let hunters hunt them much of the year because they are afraid we will be detrimental to the deer.

Yes I know the season is TECHNICALLY open all year but bird shot 'ain't going to cut it!'
wouldn't work
Even if the season was open year round, night vision, supressed rifles, etc. were allowed on these places you wouldn't control the population. and, could you imagine a bunch of coonazzes running around with high-powered rifles in the dark chasing pigs? haha, it would be a disaster.

IF this was the case, we wouldn't have a problem with nutria like we do. The regs on those are so lax yet we still have a big problem (you can shoot them at anytime with any type of weapon, and they aren't bad to eat). The state will even PAY YOU $5 a tail to kill these things but we still have a problem with them! Hunting is not doing the trick, its time for desperate measures.

Cessna - are you going to start taking up for nutria next and say they don't do any damage to the marsh? You are actually saying that pigs are beneficial to the marsh by 'aerating it' when they are rooting around. This is the problem, they are not aerating anything, they are rooting around and digging up the roots (hence the word 'rooting'). Those plants take a while to get established and a pig can uproot those plants in mere seconds. Just like a nutria
You guys are right
I just realized pigs are beneficial to the marsh by aerating the soil, so I posted a letter to LDWF, if you all can please read it and send it to LDWF and your senators and representatives so they can stop the innocent killing of these animals, here is the link:
Slickhead...HOG Rooting...Right????
Have you ever seen it before???
In response to Cessna - could you please state the point of that picture? I have no idea where you are going with that. Thanks
in response to isucrazy
wasted meat - first off I am not involved with this effort nor do I work for LDWF. I just have common sense. The article clearly states why they are doing this at this particular time (the marsh grass is brown and you can actually see the pigs better). I am sure that someone brought up the conversation about being able to go and get the pigs after they shoot them and I feel certain it was shot down quick and here is why:

1. A per hour cost of a helicopter running is high. In order for someone on the ground to go get the pigs they would need coordinates or the helicopter pilot to relay that info while they are looking for the pigs (remember that this is tall marsh grasses like cattails and roseau cane so you can't just see them from an airboat), and also remember that there are some large reptiles in these marshes and you probably don't want to be walking around there (if you can actually walk there and not sink up to your neck in muck!)

2. It would take several airboat operators (more money and more personnel) to go and pick up all these dead animals. They would also have to wait until the shooting stops because of obvious reasons (obvious to me at least). So you are potentially leaving a pig on the ground for several hours in 70 degree weather (not too good for meat in my opinion).

3. If you have ever been in an airboat you know that they aren't too good at carrying weight and they can tip over easily. You are trying to lift a 200 lb animal over the side of the boat, guess what happens next. Also airboats can only carry so much weight at a time (means more trips to the boat ramp to drop off dead hogs which equates to more fuel, money, etc)

4. What are you going to do with a pile of 100 or more dead pigs that have been sitting in the heat for several hours? Give em out to the public? Take them to a food bank? No sir. I hope the reasoning is easy to see

The most sensible thing to do is just to shoot em and let em lay

buzzards gotta eat, same as the worm
hey slickhead airboats can carry a lot of weight, they do it on swamp people, they load up several 7ft 900lb gators and some 8ft 1100lb gators all in the same airboat, and they don't sink or tip over hahahahahahaha
true that tuffhuntin
They can use the Swamp Peoples' airboats and haul a hundred of them in one go!
Simple Question
Slickhead, Does that look like hog rooting to you...Yes or No?
Seems like you know so much about it you should be able to answer the question.
It could be
It could be a tilled up field ready to have soybeans, or cotton, or even marijuana planted, or some dude's worm farm, or it could be hog rooting, or it could be some fill dirt in your back yard, I have no idea from that one picture. I also have no idea what this picture has to do with some pigs being shot in Pearl River. Please explain.
Kill em all
Guys i have no dog in this race on PRWMA. I will tell you i own private property in Mississippi, and the hogs have done way more damage that some here want to admit possible. When we bought the property the deer heard was weak. We worked hard on planting, and limited our take each season. We finally got it to where we saw deer reagularly. We had so many Turkeys it was crazy. We would see as many as 70 to 80 turkeys a day. Then the hogs showed up. It was fun at first, and the meat is real good. Over teh next two season we see less and less deer. Then we start finding turkey nest raided and the eggs all eaten. This past season we killed 3 deer. Once we got the population up we would avwerage 9 to 10 a year. As for the turkeys, i seen the same group of 5 toms all season, and one group of hens and young jakes with about 12 or so, and that is it. As for hunting them and keeping them in control, once you start shooting them they leave, only to return once things calm down. I havent seen a hog in the last two months, but i can assure you they will be back in the next couple weeks in even larger numbers. They know once the pressure is on to go deep into the swamps where no one is going. I have a pipeline that is over a 1/2 mile long through my property. By May it will be routed up from one end to the other. Hogs will have an average of three liters a year. I killed two this year that was under 60 pounds and both had young with them. You can not shoot enough of them fast enough. I get pictures with as many as 25 at a time, and most of the females are pregnant all the time.
Well in Mississippi, if you are a land owner you can shoot them 365 days a year with what ever you want, and we cant keep up. I killed one this year, and had 6 piglets run up to it and start nursing while she laid dead. Once deer season closes and turkey season we can hunt them with bait. Problem is once you shoot a few they are gone again.

LSU as for the license, Mississippi is not giving anything away for free. You have to have a big game license to kill hogs. No one wants to pay for a weekend license to maybe see them. Last year i went every other weekend when i was off to check the property and killed almost every time. I ended up with 9 hogs last year.
Save Our WMA
The LDWF’s helicopter joy ride, at taxpayer expense, to kill “300” hogs today ended up netting 21, that’s right, all of 21 hogs being killed. That’s as many hogs as a good team of dogs with a good handler can catch in one day, at no cost to the taxpayers. This number matches what the locals have been saying all along, that the hog population is down this year from previous years. It’s unfortunate that it cost us taxpayers so much money to be proven correct in the end. Hogs are not the problem in our WMA, the out of control LDWF is the real problem. Join us on our Facebook page, “Save Our WMA”
WMA vs Private Land
This discussion is about hogs on public land, specifically the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area, and NOT about hogs on private land. Although I enjoy reading posts about what some say the hogs are doing on their land, and certainly defend a land owners right to protect his property, this is not the topic of this conversation. These hogs are on public land, land set aside for hunting, and there is no damage to crops or farm land involved. Those that own land that backs up to the WMA, including farmers, are part of our 'Save Our WMA' group, and with us on getting to LDWF in check and not killing all the hogs...
Government Gone Wild
So the LDWF had numerous enforcement agents, staff biologists, airboats in the water, and more out for this now proven least productive method of reducing the hog population, along with the expense of the helicopter, and all they “managed” to do was kill 21 hogs… it would be laughable if it weren’t taxpayers money being wasted. This was a perfect example of LDWF getting their “facts” wrong again, but what can you expect from them when they based the need for this entire operation on the say so of a LDWF biologist, who just “thought” there were too many hogs. If I were the LDWF biologist that was over the PRWMA, and I just cost my agency all this money and embarrassment I’d be brushing up my resume…LOL You’ve heard of “girls gone wild” this is “government gone wild”.
Rebuttal with facts for Nightlife Outfitters
I'll try to answer some of those 'guestions' about those 'expensiver' helicopters.

1. Nobody knows exactly how many hogs are there. Not even the local hunters that claim LDWF is so stupid.


2. The number of hogs was determined by a previous flight in one of those expensiver helicopters. Yes there is a lot that can be learned from a flight. You make it sound like they are a bunch of drunk buddies partying it up on your dime.


3. They learn this by examining stomach contents of hogs they have killed. Again, their job doesn't consist of martinis and booby tassels.


4. If it was determined that the local hunters were not killing enough hogs throughout the entire season, why would you think they would all of a sudden step up their game in an extended season?


Surely someone with your knowledge already knew the answers to your questions, so what's the real reason you posted them? Grudge against the LDWF? Jealous that they can hunt and you can't? Wanna manage public land to suit you? What is it?

Trapping Won't Work Either
Allowing a few select people, handpicked by the very LDWF biologist that got this whole hog thing so wrong in the first place, is NOT what “the locals asked for”. Trapping hogs, which is what LDWF says they are going to try, is a costly, and labor intensive endeavor with very little, if any, return for the trapper. Considering those facts, and with all the hoops that a trapper will have to jump through with LDWF, can’t imagine this will work much better than the helicopter stunt.
People complaining about killing hogs?? I have seen it all. I don't care who kills them, just as long as they all die.

If swamp people dose not succeed in making Louisiana seem like a bunch of idiots, this thread certainly will.
Looks like what?
Ok, just thought with your vast knowledge of hogs and everything else you would be able to tell why anybody would do that to the soil and what was responsible ?
And the real agenda finally comes out.
This is what it's all about. A hatred for the LDWF. This isn't about hogs, it's about you guys being butt hurt over that shooting range episode. Notice how all of the guys degrading LDWF are the same ones, doing the same thing on the shooting range post.

You guys can laugh and gawk all you want, but a 21 kill day is still a 21 kill day in my book. They did more in one day than you guys combined, did all year long. Not too bad for a first attempt in not so perfect conditions.
I disagree with them not letting us carry larger firearms to help control the hog population...they should at least let us do it for our own personal safety and protection. LDWF obviously doesnt trust the people that fund their budgets...This situation needs to be examined and see where the trust issues really fall. LA Sportsman should do a reader poll on the website and in the magazine, and once the LDWF sees the results, they will not be able to make any excuses for their actions. We\\\'ll see who is really benefitting from all this...
I cant stand to see taxpayer money wasted running helicopters through the woods where YOU CANT EVEN SEE THE GROUND. How do they expect to shoot hogs that live in thickets. Thats so stupid...
A group of rednecks could take out wayyyy more hogs at a profit for the state vs wasting thousands of dollars on some stupid plan so someone can get a taxpayer-funder chopper shootout. Makes me sick...I wonder who was on the gun, or if the pencil-pushers were taking turns high fiving each other
at what cost?
You guys can laugh and gawk all you want, but a 21 kill day is still a 21 kill day in my book. They did more in one day than you guys combined, did all year long. Not too bad for a first attempt in not so perfect conditions.\\\' - Nightlife Outfitters

How much did it cost to kill those 21 hogs? How much meat was wasted in the process? How many hogs couldve been killed if all that money was paid to actual hunters? Is it a fact that there were less than 21 hogs killed all year? Do you think the less-than-ideal restrictions that the hunters are complaining about affected the ACTUAL number of killed hogs during the year?
Once you take all that into consideration, you will see that it is foolish and rather ignorant to assume that the controversy is all about a couple hunters being, as you put it, \\\'butt hurt\\\', and trying to degrade the LDWF because of their hatred of the taxpayer-funded agency. You are completely off-base with your assumptions and opinions, and one must question your motive in defending such a blatant waste
I think you misunderstood me. I'm not against opening up the season to whatever weapon they want. I think LDWF could do it and should. My problem is with the method that these guys are taking to get there. Everyone of these guys in one post or another have suggested restricting someone else's use of public land while expanding their's.

Shut down the shooting range so they can hunt without hearing all those 'short barreled AR-15s'. All the while, one proponent jokingly suggests that LDWF should buy him gas, ammo, and a suppressor for that same AR-15 that he hated so much.

Change the turkey season, change the squirrel season, change the rabbit season. all so they can extend a season on hogs and have better chances with bigger guns. I don't know the seasons on this WMA, but I am assuming they have a rifle season for deer in which you can kill hogs. Why is the effectiveness of these hunters not shown during this season? By their own accord, they've taken 6 or 8 or whatever all year long. and no, I was not talking about the entire WMA harvest being less than 21 all year, just these guys.

Not sure if it was this post or another, but someone suggested restricting the hog doggers. That the problem showed up when they started letting hog doggers in the WMA.

Mud boats are ruining the marsh not the hogs.

Now that they announce the LDWF will try lottery trapping, these same guys will be against that. Not to mention contradicting themselves with every post. Stop those loud ARs, but let us use them. Extend the rifle season and we can get the hogs under control, but we can't do it during the regular rifle season. Stop the hog doggers, but a group of dogs and a good man can easily catch 21 a day. The hog population is down, and these helicopter 'joy rides won't work', yet 21 hogs killed. So which one is it? Is the population down, and LDWF did great by taking 21? Or is the population up and the helicopter joy rides didn't work?

All this talking in circles only leads me to one conclusion: a grudge. A blatant disdain for LDWF, and a slap in the face to every sportsman who uses public land and will go about things the right way.
Nightlife Outfitters Gets it Wrong Again
Who said that only 21 hogs were harvested all season??? Not me!

That is laughable, I know many people that HARVESTED more than that by themselves, and some people that HARVESTED more HOGS than that in ONE day. Point was that the amount of hogs KILLED by the helicopter debacle was 21, which is less than one team of dogs gets in one day at no cost to the taxpayers.

Of course people are going to have differing opinions, and this is why threads like this exist, for people to express their ideaS. It’s called a free exchange of ideas, something that is valued in a free society.

If you don’t like reading what others think then don’t read them. Coming in an open forum and saying everyone is talking in circles demonstrates your lack of understanding of the conversational thread (only 21 hogs harvested for the year by hunters) and your lack of tolerance with allowing others to express their thoughts.

Perhaps this demonstrated disapproval with others is rooted in a control issue of some kind, but in the end this is not your forum, and those that you have no patience with pay taxes and purchase hunting licenses and have just as much right to have their opinions heard as you do.

If you wish to be taken seriously when you post perhaps it would serve you better if you would address issues with facts, allow others, even when you disagree with their posts, to have their voices heard without so much sarcasm.

Although I can agree to disagree with other serious writers, sarcasm, disingenuous discussion, name calling, and person attacks are distasteful, disrespectful, and usually only produce negative results. And frankly TROLLS piss me off, unfortunately that is a part of online posting.

If you have an agenda, or believe in something so strongly that you come on here to post your comments then be upfront and say what you stand for, and allow others the same privilege.

I have no problem letting everyone know my agenda, and have never hidden the what I stand for, and I’m proud to proclaim, that together with a rather large group of like-minded conservationist, and supporters of proper public land management, we’re in the process of forming a SAVE OUR WMA organization with the intent of being a voice to sportsman concerning the management of our WMA’s, a group that will work as closely with the LDWF as possible to preserve our State's natural resources, and the hunting expericne for the generations to follow us.
Hogs as game
I have read these reports and watched the wlf spokesman on tv declaring the hog as a non-game animal, invasive spiecy, and general pain in the backside. They were covering their bases for them to do this hunt. My problem with them is u still have to buy a hunting licence and follow all their rules and regs to hunt them. If they feel the need for them to go to these extremes to kill these animals they need to remove All regulations and let the hunters take care of the problem and if they cant THEN go to this plan B.
The only good feral hog is a dead feral hog
Feral hogs are extremely destructive to the land and the environment. They should all be removed. They are a non-native, invasive species. They carry diseases and compete with native species for food and habitat. Just because a sport has been established around them because of their existence on the landscape is not justification for their protection. This problem is much bigger than the interest of a few sport hunters that don't want them removed to satisfy their recreational desires. I find to be extremely selfish to put personal preference over the protection of the native flora and fauna of the state of Louisiana.
Invasive Species?..
The LAWL&F says the earliest history on hogs is early 1500's.
Were any records kept before that? Maybe a few years earlier in 1492 by Columbus? My point is..maybe they were here before discovery of America? Ask the American Indians if we are an invasive species?
Invasive, exotic, non native it's all the same

Invasive species, also called invasive exotics or simply exotics, is a nomenclature term and categorization phrase used for flora and fauna, and for specific restoration-preservation processes in native habitats, with several definitions.
The first definition, the most used, applies to introduced species (also called 'non-indigenous' or 'non-native') that adversely affect the habitats and bioregions they invade economically, environmentally, and/or ecologically. Such invasive species may be either plants or animals and may disrupt by dominating a region, wilderness areas, particular habitats, or wildland-urban interface land from loss of natural controls (such as predators or herbivores). This includes non-native invasive plant species labeled as exotic pest plants and invasive exotics growing in native plant communities.[1] It has been used in this sense by government organizations[2][3] as well as conservation groups such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the California Native Plant Society.[4] The European Union defines 'Invasive Alien Species' as those that are, firstly, outside their natural distribution area, and secondly, threaten biological diversity.[5] It is also used by land managers, botanists, researchers, horticulturalists, conservationists, and the public for noxious weeds.[6] The kudzu vine (Pueraria lobata), Andean Pampas grass (Cortaderia jubata), and yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) are examples.
The second definition includes the first, but broadens the boundaries to include indigenous or native species, with the non-native ones, that disrupt by a dominant colonization of a particular habitat or wildlands area from loss of natural controls (i.e.: predators or herbivores). Deer are an example, considered to be overpopulating their native zones and adjacent suburban gardens, by some in the Northeastern and Pacific Coast regions of the United States.
The third definition identifies invasive species as a widespread non-indigenous species.[4] This one can be too broad, as not every nonindigenous or 'introduced' species has an adverse effect on a non-indigenous environment. A nonadverse example is the common goldfish (Carassius auratus), though common outside its native range globally, it is rarely in harmful densities to a native habitat.[4]
Because of the variability of its definition, and because definitions are often from a socioeconomic perspective, the phrase invasive species is often criticized as an imprecise term for the scientific field of ecology.[4] This article concerns the first two definitions; for the third, see Introduced species.
LDWF arbitrariness
I support the helo method against the hogs, but also think batman asks some good questions on funding priorities and their methods.

Remember, this is the same LDWF that applied arbitrary closures during the oil spill with no scientific data. They even closed one side of the HWY 11 bridge but kept the other side open. That's right, like the same fish don't swim on both sides of the bridge.
What is next?
Are u aware that the wildlife biologists on the majority of our wma's think the deer population is at or above the carrying capacity of the land. So if next year they fly around killing all the excess deer they claim are around what will u think of them?
This forum really does serve as a good, if not the only, medium for the exchange of ideas between sportsman, like-minded or not. I don't really post on here too much, but I find myself jumping into or starting the more controversial threads, because I like debate and discussion, especially in regards to something i'm passionate about...the outdoors.
LDWF needs to take all these peoples thoughts a little more seriously. After all, they are supposed to be paid to help us, and we should be able to trust them. Their motives should be readily identifiable. The gun range point really hits home. I was quite unfamiliar with that thread or problem. It seems to me that WE pay for it, so WE should have more right to use it. There should be more meetings where the public can gather to discuss or vote on such things as the helicopter hunts, closing gun ranges, opening and closing certain seasons, etc. I understand that biology and data have to be involved in the decisions, but the public should definitely have more of a say in the process. HOW ABOUT A VOTE OR POLL FROM NOW ON, ISNT THAT WHAT A DEMOCRACY AND REPUBLIC ARE ALL ABOUT? Then we can compare the results to the actions taken by the LDWF and NMFS to see if the results are even almost comparable. When the government stops serving the people, the people must take action and change things
What He Say?
Chu Rouge, I guess we are all non native invasive species at one time or another? Other than duck hunting at least wild hogs have provided sport and in many cases the primary food for the table hundreds of years in the WMA below hwy 90.
I for one am not against what they tried to do by shooting them in a helicopter, I see everyone talk about letting hunters hunt them all year which I am also for, the only problem with that is I can almost bet the turnout of the ammount of hunters through the summer months would be very small and acomplish very little in terms of kill numbers as a whole. I also think they would have killed alot more than 21 but has anyone checked the river level lately??? Way HIGH, which I would have to imagine has alot of the hogs already sitting on higher ground around wooded areas away from the open marsh which would make it near impossible to see or shoot from above.
Slickhead is Wrong Again...
Slickhead - AKA LDWF Employee, stated that feral hogs are not game animals... read below

Pearl River Wildlife Management Area is located approximately six miles east of Slidell and approximately one mile east of the town of Pearl River. Access is available via car from old Highway 11 and by boat. Several ramps are located along US Highway 90; concrete ramps have been constructed at Davis and Crawford Landings, and a commercial ramp is located at Old Indian Village. The ramps along US Highway 90 and those at Davis and Crawford Landings have ample parking space.

Pearl River totals 35,031 acres and is owned by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. The terrain is flat, drainage is poor, and the area is subject to annual flooding. The forest cover varies from an all age hardwood stand in the northern 60 percent, to cypress tupelo in the next 25 percent and an intermediate type marsh in the southern 15 percent. The mixed hardwoods are made up of water oak, nuttall oak, cow oak, obtusa oak, overcup oak, live oak, bitter pecan, hickory, beech, magnolia, sweetgum, and elm. The overstory varies from moderately open to closed. Timber stand improvement has begun to improve and enhance habitat conditions.
There are numerous streams and bayous on the area which provide fishing, canoeing, boating, crawfishing, and waterfowl hunting opportunities. These are accessible only from the boat ramps previously mentioned. Several ponds are located on the northern end of the area along I-59.

Game species hunted are deer, squirrels, rabbits, F E R A L H O G S, turkeys, waterfowl and woodcock. Trapping is allowed for furbearers and the species available are beaver, nutria, mink, opossum, raccoon, and bobcat. An alligator season is open in September on a permit basis.
The bald eagle occurs along the streams and lakes in the fall and winter and the golden eagle can be seen occasionally. Swallowtail kites and Ospreys are frequently seen.

Camping is available only at the Crawford Landing. A rifle range has been constructed on the area and is available for public use at specified times. When the river gauge at Pearl River, LA, reaches 16.5 feet, old Highway 11 and all hunting, except waterfowl, will be closed.
Additional information may be obtained from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, 42371 Phyllis Ann Rd. Hammond, LA 70403 985-543-4777.
Outlaw Quadrupeds (Armadillos, Coyotes, Feral Hogs)
They are not classified as a game species. It doesn't matter what you read or what you say, or how you phrase it, you are wrong. It is not debatable. It is like saying a blue house is's not it is blue.

Outlaw Quadrupeds (Armadillos, Coyotes, Feral Hogs)

I simply cannot understand why anyone would make any effort or statement to conserve Feral Hogs?

They are a scourge on the environment! They need to be eradicated.
Hogs in the Pearl
I'm a very active hog hunter at Pearl and did very well this year, I hunted 22 days scattered they out the season and killed 23 hogs. I've hunted all areas of PRWMA in my life by boat and thru the main gate. I feel the hunters including all hunters do a good job at keeping the hogs within the main gate area from becoming totally out of control. I don't feel hunters in the marsh areas can access those hogs effectively or see them to kill as many as necessary. I've hunted marsh area many times and had hogs yards away in canes or tall grass and never got any shots. Also not many people are willing to try walking and stalking hogs in marsh as it is too hard and ineffective. I'm not opposed to the helicopter hunts as this is the area they can be effective and hunters can't. The helicopters will not affect the hog population in the big woods but could reduce the numbers in the marsh areas which would reduce habitat destruction. I don't believe anyone has killed twenty something hogs in one day. I'm a hog hunting machine and could kill 1 to 4 a day if I left them lay but taking them out 1 is all I take unless they're under 30 lbs then I'll shoot two if opportunity presents. I just wanted to give some good accurate info everyone can use to form their own informed opinion. Thx Jim
its too easy
The following statement by batman further confirms what I've been saying all along.

'I have no problem letting everyone know my agenda, and have never hidden the what I stand for, and I’m proud to proclaim, that together with a rather large group of like-minded conservationist, and supporters of proper public land management, we’re in the process of forming a SAVE OUR WMA organization with the intent of being a voice to sportsman concerning the management of our WMA’s, a group that will work as closely with the LDWF as possible to preserve our State's natural resources, and the hunting expericne for the generations to follow us.'

There are a few key statements here that should not be overlooked. While it all sounds great, lets break it down to reality.

first: 'a voice TO the sportsman' Not OF the sportsman, not FOR the sportsman, not FROM the sportsman, but TO the sportsman. As if we need to be told by these guys what we should be doing. Anyway.....keeping with the general direction of this post........we'll circle back to that one.

second: SAVE OUR WMA organization. Sounds lovely, but like any progressive activism, the intentions never match the outcome. Someone asked earlier: 'at what cost?' Well this same group of guys have already cost the hunters of this state about 200 acres of prime hunting land with their ridiculous activism. What would you rather pay for? a donated helicopter or 200 acres of some of the best hunting grounds on this particular WMA that you CAN'T hunt on? FACT: we had the right to hunt those 200 acres before this group started their petition. FACT: we no longer have that right. No matter which way you look at it, the actions of these few have affected everybody's right to hunt that property, whether you chose to use that right or not. Can't say this organization is off to a bang-up start. But hey, there's nowhere to go but up!!!!

third: 'a group that will work as closely with the LDWF as possible'. The michelin man couldn't make a more perfect circle. Let go to the score card shall we? blatant display of the deep prevailing corruption, break the laws of the state of Louisiana, enforced at the point of a gun with the threat of jail time, arrogance of the LDWF’s elitist attitude, misinformation, and outright lies, illegally destroy hogs, interference from LDWF personnel. The list goes on, but I think you get the point. Working closely? No kidding? hand and hand? The oodle to their boodle? The nibble to their kibble? Nothing like building a great working relationship.

fourth: 'proper public land management' You guys wouldn't know what it was if it fell in your lap. In any kind of management, you try new things, learn from them, and adjust accordingly. Whether you think the helicopters worked or not, by creating this fuss, you guys have not only made a mockery of this trip, but have pretty much ruined the chances of anyone else ever using these methods in other places across the state. As soon as the word helicopter gets brought up, the idea will be stricken down. Again, the actions of a few affecting us all. Real wildlife management consists of surveys, studies, they take blood samples, tissue samples, study fetuses, and so on. Mountains of data. Real people do these things. Participate in these studies without degrading the people involved. Volunteer their time, money, land, equipment, etc. Maybe this is over your head, but as stated earlier, 'The house is blue', its not debatable.
The main point against the helicopter shootout is THE COST...until the people riding around and shooting from the helicopters are paying for it, there are better and cheaper ways of accomplishing the task at hand. Taxpayers and license purchasers should not be footing the bill for this crap period....and if they are,they should be the ones riding around doing the shooting. The only progressive policy that I see is the LDWF trying to start flying helicopters shooting hogs and wasting taxpayer dollars....what happened to letting the hunters hunt and control the numbers?!? thats the old school conservative way...oh lets progressively put more restrictions on the hunters, while we blow the money they spend on licenses so we, the state, can fly around and shoot hogs like they do on tv'... thats the progressive and liberal way...and if the policy is sooo unpopular amongst the hunting population, and there is no chance anyone will do it again, MAYBE ITS A GOOD THING!!! Thats why we don't have a king or a dictator...the people rule around here....understand?

Here's a suggestion' Why don't they schedule a couple weeks periodically throughout the summer and off-season, in areas that can actually be hunted from the air, and have a lottery, that the hunters pay for, and fill the spots that way? Privatize it so that it doesnt cost the state a dime...the state will actually make money from the income and sales taxes and the permit fees, while the cost of fuel, chopper maintenance, ammunition, food, etc are all put back into the economy. Wouldnt that make a little more sense?
Do I have to run for office to make things work? Its a wonder anything gets done around here...
VOTE FOR 300!!! VOTE for 300!!!
Given the destructive nature of FERAL hogs and the efficiency of aerial gunning, the benefit outweighs the cost. Too much discussion for one example from one day. If the result was 500 hogs per day and it was done at ZERO cost the same people complaining about it now would be complaining about it then. Why? Because THEY WANT MORE HOGS. It cost alot more to restore land than to prevent the damage. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Folks need to let it go, the hogs are not here for their enjoyment, they need to be removed.

The people who continue to transport them into new ares are the very ones that should be paying for the helicopter time.

Hunter are simply not effective enough PLUS it creates a market for a sport. Turning the public loose will only create more problems and hogs will magically show up in new places so the public has more places to hunt.
just reading the pro-hog folks reports and you all state that there isn't a problem with too many hogs on PRWMA yet you say things like 'I killed 22 in 21 hunts' and another guy says he killed between 18 and 25 hogs last year

That is a problem! If you are killing that many that easy, that means there are tons more, open your eyes see the forest not the trees!
In response to HI Batman
Honey Island Batman wrote:

'Slickhead is Wrong Again...
Slickhead - AKA LDWF Employee, stated that feral hogs are not game animals... read below'

lord have mercy HIB, if we can't establish that pigs are OUTLAW QUADRUPEDS then we can't go much further. They are NOT GAME ANIMALS! Stop trying to push your agenda and stop being so butthurt about the Honey Island Rifle Range

I have already stated I am not an LDWF employee, never have been. I would go crazy dealing with the general public who can't read a pamphlet that clearly states what is considered a game animal, a nuisance animal, etc.
In response to Cessna
In response to Cessna and that silly picture of some dirt he posted haha

Cessna said:

'Looks like what?
Ok, just thought with your vast knowledge of hogs and everything else you would be able to tell why anybody would do that to the soil and what was responsible ?'

Will you please tell me what that picture of dirt is to represent?
in response to isucrazy
isucrazy say:

Dude 25 hogs in 150 days is not over populated.walking 4-8 miles per day to find a hog is not over populated.I spot and stalk not climb a tree.I walk miles to find hogs making my way where no others go.I have over 15 miles of walking areas that I go down.
If it was over run every hunter would see hogs every trip out but there are guys that don't get a single hog.over populated no its can't make me see it.'

150 days of open season doesn't mean you hunted 150 haha! 25 pigs is a lot of pigs even if you did hunt all 150 days. It means there are plenty out there.

But what comes to my attention is that you walk miles and miles eh? Pretty sure you say you are disabled. I mean if you can 'walk miles and miles' do you really need a special permit to ride an ATV on a WMA. You may be part of the problem here. Maybe someone should look into your disability. I mean if you can walk miles and miles hmmmmmmmm

What you said earlier:

I am a disabled hunter I depend on the game meat I get I don't get food stamps or any other food help.stores keep going up in prices and now people like you want to kill off the only main animal that is in my area to hunt.
The benefits outweigh the cost?!?! HAHAHA thats comical...Renting a helicopter to kill 21 hogs is crazy.

'Hunters are simply not effective'....If theyre more effective than renting the helicopter, then what does that say about the helicopter?!?! Your logic is skewed...sorry, not trying to be rude, but you dont make any sense.

'creates a market for a sport' Everything done on any wma creates a market for a sport. again, not making sense.

'turning the public loose will only create more problems' Turning the public loose is why we have wmas and why all of this is even being done. You are starting to remind me about BIG BROTHER not thinking that we can think and act for ourselves....kind of scary buddy

People are complaining about the LDWF assuming that hunters cant be trusted to hunt the hogs legally, without taking other game/animals, or releasing hogs into the ecosystem. Most hunters would be happy to see 500 hogs killed, whether it be by helicopter or on foot. Yes, I can understand some might be frustrated by the meat loss, but if LDWF can rent helicopters to fly around, i'm pretty sure they could use radios to coordinate some sort of collection effort to save the thousands of lbs of meat that would be created IF the efforts were successful. These are all things that could be discussed and/or arranged if LDWF would consult with the public before they waste the publics money.

You can't make a judgement on one event. That is just one day....everybody can have a bad day.
how many times did they plan on doing it from the start?

what areas did that plan on doing it in that are not in timber, and the possibility of killing hogs actually exists?

Pretty much any hunters that have been in the area they tried couldve guessed the outcome before it even happened. if LDWF went into the shootout with a plan, it doesnt seem like it was too well thought out...especially considering the number of people it pissed off. sounds like someone thought they would pull a slick one over the public and have a fun helicopter hunt under the guise of killing feral hogs....i hope any biologists that were in on it feel ashamed of themselves for allowing that to happen...I wonder who said ''Hey lets go buzz the trees unloading guns just before turkey season opens'....
Rooting is Beneficial
Slickhead, surprised you didn't know what's happening in that rooting photo.The farmers up north can't afford the high cost of diesel so they are now deploying sounders ( about a 20 hog family) to till the soil. The hogs are more efficient than machinery and cost a lot less. They even poop the seeds and you can eat a few now and then. So what's wrong with rooting on the WMA?
Cessna, can you give a link or anything on that hog tilling article? Name of magazine? Issue date? Seen this before in Amish country, but more or less for gardening or organic farming. Never on any large scale or commercial level. I think it would be a stretch to say they are more efficient than tractors. Do they give any acre per hour type rating? Or any measure of efficiency?

300, how can the cost of the helicopter be the main issue, but you don't know what the helicopter cost? It was DONATED. Like I said earlier, people volunteer their time, money, and equipment. Pretty sure the helicopter would fall into this equipment category. Nobody knows what this cost the taxpayers. Like chu rouge said, it could be $5 or $50,000, but you same guys would still complain. What if I WANT MY tax dollars spent on this, should I be able to choose? You can fund Obama care with your tax dollars, I'll fund the helicopters. Everybody wins.
Okay...this has to be a joke
Posted by Cessna

Rooting is Beneficial

Slickhead, surprised you didn't know what's happening in that rooting photo.The farmers up north can't afford the high cost of diesel so they are now deploying sounders ( about a 20 hog family) to till the soil. The hogs are more efficient than machinery and cost a lot less. They even poop the seeds and you can eat a few now and then. So what's wrong with rooting on the WMA?
The problem is not that the hogs are rooting the WMA. The problem is that the hogs are rooting the marshland. The area targeted by the helo..Just as the nutria rat is destoying the marsh and eco-system there is the problem, the hogs are desroying our only defense against tidal surge and hurricanes. When the marsh is gone we will follow close behind.
Hog Problem
I didn't read all of the threads above, so excuse me if this has been brought up already...

To my knowledge, the helicopter raids on the hog population only killed 22 hogs total from both Sherburne and Pearl River WMA's. Personally I feel that the money spent on fuel would be better spent paying agents to police the WMA's during an extending a rifle season through March. They could even charge a fee for a new 'special license' to help fund it. They should slap hefty fines and penalties on anyone taking a deer during this 'extended hog season'. I guarantee you that the hunters participating in this extended season would be participating, at least in part, to HELP the deer and turkey populations. And I guarantee you they would take out more than 22 hogs in one weekend.
Its good to see LADWF attempting to do something about the hog situation, I just think they went about it wrong. Helicopters work well in TX because there are no trees to speak of. That idea is not going to work as well here.
Just my .02
in response to isucrazy
Isucrazy posted:

'turkey season
Man we don't have a turkey season on the pearl there is a youth lottery turkey hunt but they been closing oil well road for 10-12 years for turkey management and have not seen much of an increase of turkey population.comes from their own mouth.'

HELLO!!!!!!!!! DO you see what is happening here! Turkeys nest on the ground, guess what eats turkey eggs!!!!

You are making the point over and over yet you are missing it. Pigs are destructive and they are competing with turkeys and deer and other native wildlife. Its happening right before your eyes but you are missing it.

Earlier you posted about the lack of deer, its comical and sad that you can't see it.
I am at a loss of words here, please provide a link or at least show that whole article with the pic you posted. The pic you posted was talking about the Farm Bill, didn't see anything about hogs being beneficial. If you can post that whole page and I can see some text that says hogs are being used for tilling up soil from that article, I will delete my account haha

Chu Rouge - you are right, I am already trying to lobby LDWF to use pigs for our coastal erosion problem since pigs aerate the marsh. Pigs are our savior haha!
It's Free
Nitelife, I was on my job in North Dakota when the article was on the coffee table. Sorry don't have it as I never expected the subject to come up. I did take a pic since I thought it was a very inventive method of improving growth of new crops at low cost. Many farmers up here are employing this very effective method of tilling and the positive environmental results . Incidentially, pheasants in ND are a non native species but nobody is making an effort to eradicate them. They realize the economic value just as we should wake up about wild pigs.
Now as to the cost of killing pigs from a chopper, seems like the cost is going up to maybe $3000-$4000 per pig since the report of only 22 killed on two WMAs. The choppers belong to the Feds and they are NOT free. They are TAXPAYER funded. Don't know about you but my fed taxes are far more than my state taxes and now with our National debt 17 trillion+, can we really afford to spend $50000 + for 22 pigs? One sow that survives can replenish that in one year.
Where will this madness deficit spending stop? Many a poor hungry family would at least enjoy that being spent on them.
The marsh is not being destroyed by hogs. Only by man and natural disasters. You are terribly misinformed.
Isucrazy 300
The nail has been hit on the head AGAIN!!!!
Where are you getting these figures? $3000 to $4000 per hog? Did a report come out about the cost? Please post a link if so. That would be 66k to 88k for the day. $6600 to $8800 per hour based on a ten hour day.(highly unlikely they flew for ten hours) Were they flying apache helicopters? If this is the actual cost, I agree it's excessive. I would think $500 to 1000 an hour would be more accurate.

I can't find anything about hogs being used on large scale farms for this purpose. The Amish build a hog pin, maybe 50x100. Raise hogs in it for while, then plant gardens in it, and shift the hogs over to prepare next years soil. Hardly what I would call efficient, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. If used for this reason, how do you think they stop the hogs from digging those four foot deep wallows that we've all seen? Think they put those cones around their necks like those dogs? Cone size equals depth gauge.(joking)
Cessna read what you just wrote please
Cessna said:

'Maybe with this explanation you can see where we come from on the hog issue.they root up the ground yes but first rain the ground goes back they turn over rotting logs which helps the logs rot faster they eat acorns and dump them out which some can sprout up and the hog droppings help fertilize them.hogs make trails through briers and canes the deer use these same trails deer here eat browse mainly they hit an occasional acorn so the competing for food hard for me to see it.there are areas where you don't see a single hog print but see deer.the deer seem to run the hogs out certain areas.that's part of my observation.agree or don't it really don't matter I know my info for my area is correct.maybe that's not how it is where you hunt but I can't say.'

I need to add this to my letter to LDWF! Hogs are even more beneficial than we originally thought. They poop out acorns that grow for the deer to browse, they help logs rot, etc. Holy moly this guy is surely trolling right? Right?

Cessna - please post the whole page with that picture you have that is supposed to be pigs being used for agricultrue. I want to see the caption. I think you have lost your mind


'On March 10, 2014 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) partnered in an attempt to eradicate feral hogs from the costal portions of the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area, which are public lands owned by the citizens of Louisiana, the “Sportsman’s Paradise”.

Our governmental agencies are apparently disturbingly invested a program of propaganda to demonize these resilient and intelligent animals, referring to them as “evil”. You can imagine the public outcry if these aggressive governmental agencies were trying to eradicate the white tail deer on our public lands, yet people are silent to the genocide of these magnificent creatures…why is that?

If you believe this absurd public policy of feral hog demonization and genocide is unjustified, offensive, and a waste of taxpayers’ dollars we urge you to help put a stop these senseless acts and wanton waste by contacting those responsible.

Call or Write:

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Kenny Ribbeck
Biologist Division Administrator/Chief Wildlife Division
Phone: 225-765.2942
Fax: 225-763.5456

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Office of Inspector General
Touching Video
What a touching video.....When I clicked on the link it also brought up links to possibly hundreds of other videos of helicopter hog hunting. Hard to believe this practice is so prevalent on these resilient and intelligent animals.
Public Land vs Private Land
For those that are kinda slow, this in not about getting rid of hogs on private land, never was, it's about the expensive and inefficent killing of hogs and leaving them rot on PUBLIC hunting lands instead of using sound management practices that would have cost NOTHING to the taxpayers...
Must be getting desperate. In typical liberal fashion, bringing out the precious kids in a video. Pretty soon they'll be asking for donations.
What about the Nutria, they good to eat too!
388,160 nutria killed mostly just for their tails (bounty) why no big outcry about that?....Is it because if the public is allowed to 'waste' them then it's okay?

Project Summary for the 2012-2013 Nutria Control Program--

388,160 nutria tails worth $1,940,800 in incentive payments were collected from 252 active participants.

Terrebonne turned in the most tails, 138,305. St. Mary and Lafourche Parish followed with 64,386 and 47,723 respectively.
66 (26%) participants turned in less than 200 tails, 53 (21%) participants turned in between 200-499 tails, 28 (11%) participants turned in between 500-799 tails, and 105 (42%) participants turned in 800 or more tails.
59% of the nutria harvested were taken by rifle, 30% were trapped, and 11% were shot with a shot gun.
A total of 394 applications were processed.
The 2013 vegetative damage survey was completed in April. The survey yielded a total of 1,233 acres of damage along transect lines. When extrapolated, there are 4,624 acres impacted coastwide by nutria hebivory.
Even though it's difficlut, try to stay on topic
Chu Rouge... nice try, but changing the topic is not the same as presenting facts about HOGS... remember we're talking about HOGS...

Challenge you to present data on hogs damage to the PRWMA marsh, high ground, or any other area of the WMA. While you're at it, how about that data on hog population on the PRWMA?

We'll be waiting... and please try to stay on topic, I know it can be difficult at times for some, but we would all appreciate you trying.

the world is going to end
Did you really make a video about those poor little innocent pigs getting shot? You sir have an agenda here and it has nothing to do with pigs. What is it? I really think you are with PETA. Its a friggin pig for crying out loud.

If have seen very few FACTS about hogs on these posts...mostly just anecdotal information and opinions.

Also nutria make great pets and are good to eat too!
Who is the real criminal
Honey Island Swamp Batman you want to claim the LDWF is the real criminal, but you to look in the mirror. In the video have brought home a wild hog piglet, this is illegal to do on WMA's with out the certain license. That date ended February 28. This would mean if you did bring home that hog from Pearl River you would have in fact a crime and a felony. You might want to be careful.
Inteligent People Don't Anything
We all know what is said about those that ASS.U.ME. For the uninformed, facts are, I didn’t make the video, I’m not in the video, don’t know where the hog came from, and I don’t even know the people in the video. What I know from the video is that hogs are not “evil” as one LDWF official was quoted as saying, and the LDWF wasted a lot of meat and money doing what could have been done for free by hunters.