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Big Tuna

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With all of the excitment going on about the big tuna on the lump I was finaly able to get out there. I was on the Crown Time as a guest on Friday the 21st. My boat will finaly make it to Venice on Monday. Yesterday was the story to be told. There is almost nothing better than seeing big yellowfin blow up on live bait. WE would watch and cheer for the little fish untill the tuna would grab his meal. It some times took 3 to 4 passes for the tuna to get what he wanted, better for us to watch. After a couple of break offs and misses we started getting the tuna in the box. Jim and Jason, like living dangerously they go out there and fish with 40 and 60 pound line. I told them on the way out that I didn't want to fight a fish that long. Well mine was 140 and took 15 minutes on 60, was I lucky. The big one of the day was the last and went 165 and was caught on 40 pound test in 1 and a half hours. The day ended with 5 yellows and 4 blacks. Like I said the 'HIGH LIFE' will be in Venice starting next week, so if you want to try your luck call Capt. Tommy Pellegrin, 985-851-3304