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Biggest trout so far comes from Dularge

Made another one of my frequent fishing trips down to dularge this morning because I had to drop my boat off at Pellegrin Marine in Houma this afternoon to get its annual service. Headed down early this morning with 3 friends from Baton Rouge, Elliot Diel, Corey Holmes, and Logan Messina from Dallas. We launched the boat at 6am and we were off to fish the bayous and marsh on the northeast end of Lake Mechant. We started off fishing the same spots we have been fishing since duck season ended that have been producing a bunch of redfish and occasionally some good trout bites. Today was all trout, by 9 am we had 40 in the boat then I decided to go try an area that I bass fish during the summer. Found a good canal with plenty current flowing through it with the incoming tide and plenty of cuts leading into the marsh. We started catching nice 16 inch trout consistently in the deeper water using green hornet matrix shads bouncing them off the bottom in the middle of the canal then made our way to the cuts leading into the marsh. It was game on from that moment on. I switched over to a green tsunami swim bait and we all began hammering the trout every cast in the shallower water. With 10 fish left to fill our 4 man limit I hooked into the biggest trout I have ever caught personally and just as my buddy Corey got him in the net the bait flew out of his mouth. God must have answered my prayers this morning when I woke up haha the trout was 25 and a half inches and anywhere from 5 to 6 pounds. Had a great trip out there today and can\'t wait for this weather to warm up and hit the lakes for some fast trout action. In a matter of 10 minutes I caught a bass, redfish and a 5 pound trout.... Nothing better than the DU! Ended the day with 100 trout, 2 reds, and one bass
Good luck out there and go get on those trout while this weather allows

Had a great time fishing beside Captain Rob Dupont and Captain Marty Lacoste early in the morning, they're always feeling Froggy lol Marty take care of my spring break glasses
great job man. looks like you really put the hurt on them...
Good times Flies_Froggy_dies!!!!! Man them glasses are awesome!!! Got em in the case so they don't get anymore scratched up!!! Lmao. Nice way to pull it off today. Good job. See you next time.
Great catch Flies! I think I crossed you on my way down this afternoon, red boat with Honda right?
I'll be happy if I do half that good tomorrow!

Capt Elton
Looking at the pictures it is a wonder y'all did not fall out the boat. Nice mess of fish. Come on Spring time fishing.

Glad you love the sunglasses Marty lol they will bring you good luck haha
And Elton you probably did see me on the way down I usually leave my boat in DU but had to go drop it off for servicing in Houma, This good weather we are having right now is killing me stuck at home doing schoolwork right now all day and the feeling of no access to a boat for the next week and half is killing me!
GMC man can't wait to get out there and hit the water with you when it warms up should be a great time hitting the rigs and islands.
Cleaned all those fish and man that big trout's filet's sure did look exactly like a redfish, bloody and pretty nasty. The one bass I cleaned was FULL of eggs might need to make a spawning trip down to dularge in the next few weeks and see if I can't get on some of those big green footballs they got down there
finally back at it flies! great to see you and ole smells been tearin up the specks!
and a nice pic in this month's LASM magazine to boot. Flies fishes and hunts so much, I want to be him when I grow up!
Look at ol' sack he finally got him an account on Lasportsman. Heading down to Dularge tonight to set up some lights and hopefully catch some trout under them in Mechant and maybe do a little bowfishing. Then fishing all day tomorrow hopefully the weather settles down for us a little bit.
Motorboat that's hilarious I didn't even know I had a picture in there for this month I've gotta go buy an issue and check it out