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Texas youth group #2 fish slam

I took a second gang from the TX youth group out for a day of fun on the water and they had high expectations of catching after seeing what the youngsters came back with on their trip, these boys where a little older at 15-16yrs old and also very experienced fisherman.

We headed out with the same plan as the previous trip , load up with bait and head out and they where not disappointed at all with Bull Reds,Drum or Sheepshead nearly every cast.
We released all the oversized fish but they had fresh Sheepshead cooked for them the night before so after tasting just how good they where they where on a mission to bring as many back to Texas as possible. Mission Accomplished I\'d say!

The Area is absolutely loaded with fish right now and the water is beautiful, easy as it gets fishing going on right now!

Capt. Chris Venable
Ramsey , Meat Haul is the perfect way to describe it lately. Made another trip today with the same results , had to quit when we couldnt fit anymore in the YETI.
The weather is great and so is the fishing.