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Turkey season is on!!! What\'s your secret to success

Every Turkey hunter has a certain shell... A go to call... A certain way to work his birds!! \r\n\r\nIt\'s turkey season people!! Time to talk turkey!! Or,, we can argue about nwtf, triparish, ducks unlimited, cca, Rocky Mountain elk foundation !.. Lol.
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I guess everyone keeps a tight lip on there info for turkey's
I can tell you a few tips that have helped me be what I consider successful. However, I do still consider myself a newbie without a bag full of trophies, but I have found some tactics that work better than others. I started hunting the woods of St Helena seriously about 4 years ago and have learned so do's and don'ts of that area.

#1 I personally do not use crow calls or hoots to locate a turkey on the roost, and have been more successful by doing no locator calling. Instead, I have been trying very soft and subtle tree yelps right before sunrise. Normally with a glass or slate pot call that I find best to control volume.

#2 locating in the middle of the day or evening, I have had best success with a wingbone and a box call.

#3 Practicing the less is more tactic when calling, call less, and again, not as loud. If the turkey responds and is moving closer, I stop yelping altogether and go to a put or purr if any at all.

#4 Some of the products I have found to be better than others, Primos Jackpot Glass or Slate, Woodhaven Cherry Box, Preston Pittman Diaphram (blue saphire), Talkin the talk glass pot, also like the mouth calls too (swamp ghost) is my favorite.

A combination of above has had me in shooting shooting distance of a mature turkey for the last 2 years, for one reason or another I was not able to seal the deal but I have high hopes of meeting up with him again this year. Hopefully luck will be on my side and I can close the final chapter on that turkey.

What kinda go to products or tips do you have up your sleeve?
From Louisiana to Missouri and Illinois and back to Mississippi, 'Talkin The Talk' mouth calls are the best.
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Glad to see a few turkey hunter here!! I've been turkey hunting since a very young boy. I guess I'm lucky to have a father that showed me the ropes. Geez,, first place and only place that had birds back then was north of Thompson creek on up through Mississippi . I guess my favorite go to call would be a mouth call 3.5 cutter . First part of the year I like to blow raspy but after the hens start setting I like to use a call that sounds like a young hen.
Talking the talk?? Hmm,, I've known Bruce with talkin the talk calls very well. I'm still waiting for my calls from him. Lol.. I've heard a lot of good things.

Tricks up my sleeve?? When I've got a bird that hangs up I like to scratch the leaves. This has helped with old werry toms in the past.
When birds don't want to give up there location!!! Have your buddy yelp,,, cutt him off with real fast and hard cuts . This works better than just cutting!
Floating,, I love floating on a bird, it is the most effective way to kill a bird. I remember floating for my dad a while back. This bird was on a ridge. I pulled the bird down the ridge. My dad snuck up to his strutting zone on that ridge and text me he was in place. Then I drug that turkey back to him.

There are a few..