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Garmin 1040XS

Capt. Paul,

Like so many I just purchased a new Garmin 1040XS Chart Plotter/Sonar unit. I find the g2 mapping terrible to say the least. I have seen in previous conversations yousuggested Navionics and Nautic Insight SD cards. Is there anything you can suggest to fix this mapping problem for me with this unit.
Garmine Marine mapping
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~RRKE~

First, you have a very, very good GPS unit. It will serve you well with the proper mapping.

Yes, I have mentioned different mapping programs, but not for your particular unit. Garmin offers a Garmin g2 which is based on NOAA Marine Charts, which are not the best type mapping for the Louisiana coastal marshes. I personally prefer a mapping system based on USGS Topographic maps for our marshes. Garmine offers this type of mapping but not for your marine unit. I suggest you contact Garmin at 1-800-800-1020 and verify this info.

But now back to your dilemma, Garmin also offers a Garmin g2 VISION for your particular unit. It is a combo of Marine Charts and Ortho Corrected aerial photo map that can be installed in your unit. It, when installed, offers the user the ability to switch between the Chart mode and the Aerial Photo choices.

Go to a stocking Garmin dealer and ask to see the g2 Vision mapping. They are sold by different areas. View the Vision mapping and zoom in on a particular area you know and go to the aerial view mode. If the program meets your requirements, then your problem is solved.

This is one of the most accurate mapping that is currently available for your unit.

Captain Paul