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After a rocky start on opening day, an afternoon hunt proved successful! after setting out a hen and tom decoy combination, a few yelps on a slate call was all that was needed for a love sick bully to show up. After a second series of yelps and a ten minute wait, a Tom suprised me by coming in silent. Only a few putts were heard outside of my ground blind, causing me to look at my decoys and discover a big tom squaring up my tom decoy for a fight. Although the big tom had favorable sized spurs that were putting a whooping on my decoy, NEVER BRING SPURS TO A GUNFIGHT !!! SWEET SUCCESS in St Helena Parish!
Congrats on a nice Tom. I'm headed to the woods Thursday. Hope I get lucky.
Spurs to a gun fight! Yeaaa,, u right
That's awesome man!! We had a bird come in silent also Saturday morning. Gobbled good off the roost, hit the ground and shut up . Took about 30 min to show up but he saw my son move and left our set up!! Sunday we played with 2 birds during and after the rain but had a real hard time circling around the bird due to thicket and property line. I'm hoping to get on one saterday.
Btw,, we are in kentwood area on the west side by u!! Congrats
Very Good
My buddy--he works hard and he hunts hard and I am ALWAYS HAPPY to see him have a great hunt such as this.

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