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Poachers everywhere on west side of kentwood

First set up this morning!! We set up about 80 yrds off the longbirds roost. After the turkeys being approached by a poacher and a coyote with in 30 min our moment was short lived. Upset with the situation I went to another spot where I knew a hot bird was at. We walked in to where I thought we would need to be and yelped--- nothing!! I cutt --- two birds started hammering!!!! I shut up and didn't call until they gobbled.. Even after I called they would respond!! They were coming in on a string. 80 yrds out we here a gun go off. One bird is on the ground flopping while the other took flight out of the fresh cutover.. A person comes running out to retrieve his bird!! Grabs him then runs off with the bird.. I'd love to know where all of these poachers are coming from!! It absolutely amazing that these people have the guts to intercept your bird with your 10 year old son,left with empty hope of getting his first bird.
sounds like you need to start hunting a different prey. i've been dealing with the same thing. its probably a local. just turn the place into a firing range for a while and they should get the message. if you want to be a nicer person than me, get you a gobbler call and get a friend or two to set up a trap and ambush them when they come looking. pin them down with a 12 gauge and call the cops. thats my next step....
if i was you, i wouldve been after him as soon as he shot...hunting on other peoples land is unacceptable in my book. some people tsk tsk tsk they'll get what they deserve eventually

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