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Swamp chicken down

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First Swamp chicken down of the season, what a great hunt. The morning start like any of turkey hunt heard him gobble a ways of started heading to him and we ran out of land luckily we had found a old flat boat we use for crawfishing and used a tree limb as a push pole when we got to the ridge he was on we step out the boat called to him he was 50 yards from us we hurried and set up got the camera rolling he was strutting and gobbling for 30 minutes before he came In to give us the shot...He thought he was pretty smart by isolating him self on that island but we weren't giving up my first bird in 5 years......we got him this Saturday before the bad weather moved in
Nice Gobbler
Very Nice and let us know when you get the video uploaded so we can all see the action. Congrats