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Hoop net theif in blind river / Maurepas management

What happened to the days when fishermen respected others gear and their catch. Someone stole a hoop net from me while fishing in the blind river area this weekend. I've lived and fished in this area all my life but since the management has taken over its gotten bad. It really makes me made when I spend a lot of time and money making and repairing nets, catching bait, and time and gas to run them, not to mention the money on the commercial license to run them (which the person who stole it probably doesn't have.) I think its unreal to have to put trail cams on your nets to catch people like this, but that's what i've done. Good luck to others fishing in the area.
Hoop Nets
You are the second person Ive heard this happened to in the last few weeks. Alot has changed down there since it became public land. I spent my entire life on that river and its nowheres near what it used to be.
Not the problem
It has always been a public waterway. It being WMA land now has nothing to do with it. There's no out of towners running hoopnets during the week. It's local trash that's doing the stealing. Don't blame this on the WMA when its local trash doing the stealing
Well Mr Rabbit I would be that local trash you speak of and just so you know all of us local trash knows and always did know that the river was always public. What we speak of is since it has become a WMA it has attracted a lot of out of town people who wanted to come and check out the new WMA. And that is where the problems began! I grew up on that river and I can tell you in my 41 yrs of running up and down there and walking a whole bunch of that swamp that never have we had the issues that we have now. Now Im not saying that all the out of town people or bad and neither am I saying that all of the locals are great. But what I am saying is that 99% of the locals are related in someway shape or form and they always did respect each other and each others property. Not to mention you never knew who is watching around the corner!!

So before you go pointing the fingers at the 'local trash' make sure you know a lil history before you start making accusations!!
May have came out wrong or you just didn't comprehend. I am not calling the locals trash. The people doing the stealing are locals. Which in turn makes them trash. I am a local I love right here in gramercy born and raised. What I promise you is that there is no out of towners going down blind river mid week this time of year with a drag hook looking for nets. It's a local and probably another hoop net runner. Again not calling you local trash just the locals doing the stealing and they know who they are.
I am very aware of the history. A few hunting clubs lost their land to the WMA. Outsiders came in and shot everything they seen, but this was also done by many locals. LPG managed their land for many years just to see ppl from outside their club one im a ruin it all.

It's not WMA fault, outsiders, or locals fault for the way things are these days. Life as we knew it is over. Nobody respects anybody anymore and will take what the want In a blink of an eye. I had my boat broke into and stole every rod I had and electronics. 3 mins from the cop station I might add. Again it was some local trash that did it.
I hope you have better luck getting LDWF agents to help you. We have trouble with people on our end stealing crabs and crab cages from us and the agents get ugly with us when we ask for help.

I had two nets stolen in Bayou Amy near Henderson. It really gets my goat. Take my fish,but come on leave the net.

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