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Hittin the Hogs Hard

We've had a pack of hog dogs for about a year now. It's been a doggone adventure trying to learn the nuances of the hog dogging sport but we are coming a long way. Our dogs love to hunt and they do a pretty good job each weekend of getting on a hog. Our main problem is that the hog hardly ever wants to bay and will run the dogs round and round across our lease. So when we finally get a hog to bay and get one caught it's a big accomplishment.

This past weekend was no different. We hosted a group of hunters from Oaklahoma. They brought their pack of blackmouth curs down to see what they could do in the Bayou State. Their dogs are used to riding on the hood of a truck until they scent a hog. We typically put our dogs out on fresh sign and let them start tracking through thick briars and brush.

It wound up being two gruelling days of covering many miles but right at the end of day two, the dogs got a decent hog to bay. The hunters rushed in and helped the dogs seal the deal.

Hog dogging down here will negate any need you might have for a gym membership and it's a lot of fun and good fellowship. And of course at the end of a successful hunt you get to take home fresh pork tastier than anything found at a grocery store.

Jared Serigne
Producer, Sportsman TV