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increased saltwaier license fee

I am against the increase in saltwater license fees,they just robbed how many millions supposed to be for coastal erosion and put money in general fund.another example of using fees as a tax,you don't get to vote for r against it.Just sue B.P. for more money,they damn near ruined the whole gulf of Mexico..just my two cents worth,know our lawmakers could care less what I r anyone else that don't agree with them think!
politicians got to increase stuff so they can funnel the money into their pockets!!! who is watching them another politician!!!!!that sure makes me feel a lot better??? the fox watching the hen house!
I wouldn't mind....
they just raided the fund to blance the budget and now they want us to pay for that with increased fees...

how much you want to bet that after they raise the licenses and get the fund up they raid it again....
no to increases
I do not support raising the fees.

First, anyone remember how poorly LWLF handled the oil spill closures? Remember them opening and closing locations without any data support? Remember how they closed one side of the HWY 11 bridge but left the other side open? LWLF can't be trusted to make any good administrative decisions, especially with money.

Second, if they lowered out of state fees, they would ultimately get more revenue from out of state fishermen. This greedy state cut its own throat.

Third, recreational fishing already brings in
$114.1 million each year to the state from tax money. This info is from LWLF themselves ( This does not include fishing licenses.

And, as already pointed out, the state can, on a whim, move it to the general fund. I can give more reasons, but that's enough for now.
Lifetime license is the answer. Spend the money, well worth it!