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Port Fourchon

Is there any place to Bass fish close to Fourchon area? Maybe Golden Meadow or something?
not really
Maybe at golden meadow park inside the levee. Sac-a-lait is good there sometime. Other than that pay 400 a year to launch @ the launch our parish can't make a deal with at cloverly farms
I went yesterday to the park in Golden Meadow... Not one bite on bass artificial, but did talk to someone there that said they do have largemouth there. I have a friend from down there that said he caught 2 small ones in his cast net there a few days ago too. Anyway, I'm sure it isn't nearly as good as the saltwater fishing down here, so I'll probably just go ahead and break out the heavy duty gear and try for some bull reds around Fourchon / Grand Isle. Wait til I get back home in Lafayette to Bass fish in a couple weeks.

Thanks though!
Yeah they have bass in there, but why fish bass in that area? Keep the same worm rod you got and put a jig on it. Work it like a worm. You will catch redfish and specks like that. No need to go to bigger rod unless you go in the pass for bulls.