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Reports from non charter fish people

Why is there an absence of fishing reports from regular weekend warriors? All I see is reports from guide boats. The guides are the best, we all know that & this site is great for advertising but what about us blue collar boys?
If I end up with 6 or 8 fish for the day that's enough to feed my family. Come on boys lets weigh in with the big dogs & share a little info. I can only fish 1 or 2 days a month so any updates would help. I'm fishing Dularge Saturday & will promptly post my results no matter how much they suck.
Bring it on!
I guess alot of sportsman don't bother about posting a fishing trip of only a few fish being caught when just about all you see on here are post of hundreds of trout hitting the cleaning table or docks lined up with trout. I'm guilty of that. I fish mostly from Larose to Lake Raccourci and as anyone who fish these areas know fishing is tough around here. A trip with a few reds and a handful of specks is a good trip. There are times you can limit out but that sure is not every trip like you read about in Dularge. Then again there are very few post from Dularge that are not from fishing guides.
I havent posted anything because I havn't been fishing. While the wind blows I am catching up on honey do's around the house. Hope to be on the water in the next couple weeks.
All about sharing info with fellow fisherman.... wont give away honeyholes...mainly dont have any but it would be good to get general areas that are catching... went twice this year and scratched both
Lake Boudreaux
I went fishing twice in the passed week in lake Boudreaux outside of Dulac and got my limit of trout both times. I fished over reefs, points, and cuts. I looked for clean moving water and I found the fish. Both times it was an incoming tide and I fished a shrimp imitation under a cork.
Weather weather and more weather
Just drive by any marina and you will see not one boat trailer the reason no one can fish with this weather. Record cold and gale force North winds. Give us some light SE winds and you will see all the reports you want. Guides have people that only have one day to fish so they go no matter what the weather conditions. These guides work their ASSSSSSS off for drum, sheephead and a few reds in muddy water. The average fisherman is not going to work this hard believe me. My hat goes off to the guides that fight these conditions for their clients and in La. we have the best. I fish all over and most places just cancel a trip.
Not much to report. I can count with my hands and feet the number of fish i have caught since the beginning of the year. Not inclined to go exploring with gas at 3.50 a gallon. I think many also dont post because they dont want to get bashed or have there fishing spots inudated with new boaters. It is what it is.
Ralacour, Great report!
I can see that your observation, methods and techniques are a correlation to your proven success. Keep the reports coming bud. Nice Catch!

Capt. Troy
wind direction
Just curious so I can learn alittle more about how you guys decide what areas to fish... Lets say a SE wind is blowing.... do you head to the SE area of a lake or marsh area to find the most protected waters? Mainly dead end canals? Whats your tactic on wind directions?
Spring fishing
Fishing has been tough and the guides down here are working hard for good catches. The toughest in the past 2 weeks is that you rarely get two days in a row with the same wind direction so were are constantly adapting and where you caught yesterday doesn't mean you will be catching there today. To Howell, this is the time to hide from the wind. The fish are in the lakes so just look for protected cuts, coves, and points and if there is clean water started chunking your baits! It is very hit and miss so don't get frustrated. Just keep moving and sooner or later you will run into a few. Pick up a few here and there and at the end of the day it's a nice box.
Still waiting on a report from you 300. I remember the thread about you complaining yet you still haven't contributed. Guides post reports because that's what we do and we do pay for advertisements. Guides are not preventing anyone from posting here. I've yet to see a guide bash a guy that went out and caught or didn't catch fish and posted a report. Cough...cough
300...I respectfully think you are wrong in lumping all guides as one. I do agree that there are some businesses who use the 'reports' section only as a means of advertisement. However, there are a handful of guides-Travis Miller, Marty Lacoste, Capt. JS (others I cannot think of at this time)-who will do what they can in these reports to help those who have a question.

I do not personally know Travis or Marty, but have seen them at docks before and after trips helping and advising non-clients about locations, baits and techniques. Just as they do on this site and other sites.

As to the original question of why the lack of 'John Doe' reports, I believe there are several reasons: (1) I am simply a recreational fisherman, I like many others will not post because of the bashing from others who simply are mean spirited; (2) Lack of people actually fishing because of unseasonal cold tempertures; and (3) With so many people viewing these reports and having access to maps, and other technology, once a spot is mentioned it becomes over populated in near record fashion.
been a problem for a couple of years
One reason is spring fishing is tough. But regular Joe fishing reports have also decreased at all sites the last couple of years. There is less interest in sharing information for a variety of reasons (boat traffic, and no incentive). LAS reports also get buried fast if no comments are generated. The problem snowballs because regular posters will be less generous with info if others don't share.

Shoot, even the Times Picayune doesn't give regional fishing reports anymore. The only comprehensive fishing reports are Don Dubuc's radio show.

I'll share a little but, though. With the waters warming up, I've been getting reds in the Biloxi Marsh, and drum south of Hopedale mixed with reds. You have to work at it, but a good box can be done. Trout have been tough, but I also don't fish for trout that hard this time of year. I've learned its not worth the effort most of the time until May, especially east of the river. Still, if you drift with your favorite lure under a cork and fish 6 hours, you will probably get 1-2 keepers per hour per person, and sometimes more. West of the river trout seem to be easier to catch, perhaps because the water has more salinity.

The trout will be on the edges in less than two week, and all we need is live shrimp or live croaker, both of which are not big enough yet to catch. I recently asked both the Campo's and BSM.
Here We Go Again!!
Magnum dude, if 'THIS PLACE IS A F#$%^#$ JOKE', why do you come here?? LEAVE!! You contribute NOTHING!!

It's not hard to see why no one else is reporting, no one else is fishing, not even may other guides. The few guides that are fishing in these conditions are working extra hard to produce, they don't just sit in one place and go home and say they weren't biting. They are moving and not even finding fish in the same spots the next day, they don't give up. Every one else looks at the weather and decides to stay home. Check the launches, empty. Look at the other docks down the bayou, boats are on the lift. Past by the Reel Inn and the lift is in the water, cars are at the lodge and those 'idiots' are out fishing! And it has not been easy but, they are catching and thier customers are happy!

And still there are times no matter how hard they work, they have a bad day but, they also report those days! They might have to resort to drum and sheepshead but, they make it happen!!

Yes, they report every day and fill up the reports but, they are fishing every day through the good and bad times.

Capt. Elton Rodrigue (my real name)
300....Please take your medicine, or get some prescribed. I did not know you were the person who dictated who can and cannot post on a thread. You actually proved my point why people refuse to post---Guys like you bashing people trying to help others. In your all capital rant to me, you surely did not read my facts. So please take a deep breath and re-read the comments in this thread. Then, take some more medicine.

CORRECTION- In my previous post, I mentioned three captains who were very willing to help others, including non-paying clients and members of this website. I forgot one (probaly more) and that is Capt. Elton, who is always helpful.
no weather problems here
300, weather rarely stops me :) I go no matter what. If one waits for perfect weather, he hardly ever fishes. I fished all afternoon in the rain Thursday. I only take a pause when its really cold, because fish don't feed much (they are cold-blooded). But I don't report as much anymore because others aren't sharing their reports. Also, since my reports don't generate comments, they don't get read anyway. Reports with no comments get buried fast on LAS. I've asked LAS to fix this and they won't listen.

But please ease up on the guides. They are just making a living. Their reports are still useful because they are a yardstick on what is possible. For example, if you don't see them showing reds, that often means don't bother trying for trout.
Sorry for the delay 300 but I was fishing and will post my report later. You have been a member for 2 1/2 years and have never posted a fishing report. You don't represent the majority of recreational fishermen. You represent the few jack wagons on this site. There are thousands of members of this site and that are great people and it's ignorant to think you speak for most of them. As for helping people on the website, you are clueless!!! Us guides get multiple emails a week asking for help and we help them. If you pulled your head out of your backside and follow every comment I make you would see I try to help. Just look at the previous comment I made to help Howell out. Do I comment on everything? No and it's because I fish a lot, I like to spend time with my family, and getting sleep is something I need to put in 12 hrs days in the elements. If you followed my history, I became a member in 2009. I posted trips for 2 years before I even became a guide. Guides are not ruining this site it's hypocrites like you that say they want recreational reports but never are willing to post. I'd be curious to hear your response about why you haven't posted a fishing report in the last 2 1/2 years? Also, do you know how much money guides bring into this state? 300 stop being so self involved in how everyone else is at fault. LOOK IN THE MIRROR! Since you must of missed it last time you tried to throw guides under the bus, we pay to post and you will never see a guide on this site that bashes a fish report regardless if it's a skunk or a limit. Guides are not preventing people from posting.
Somebody must have a miserable life.
Travis, don't waste your time answering 300 wby magnum. Enjoy those kids (they'll be in college before you know it), get some rest and continue to try to make your clients happy.
Oh boy
300 you are a classic example of a keyboard bad ass. Put a sock in it and move on. If you don't like what you see in the report section then why open it. You are complaining that only guides post reports/advertisements but you are part of the problem by not posting either. The fact that you keep viewing the page and complaining but do nothing to make it better allows one to make the assumption that you are just trolling for free fishing information and because it's not given you want to whine about it.
I became a guide 2 years ago and don't pay to advertise so I only was posting my own scouting/fun trips but it seemed like every post I made there was someone out there that always had something negative to say. Whether it was size of fish, how I caught them, where I caught them, etc. It seemed the more I posted, the more negative comments I'd get so I just quit posting over here all together and just put all my reports (guided or scouting/personal) trips on my fb site that way I could control the trolls/negative comments.
If you go back thru my history I've made quite a few posts before I was a guide and even personal trips after mainly about trolling the bridges of lake P. I still get emails from a few from over here and am always glad to help and give advice.
Capt Henry
No secrets.
My son and I went to Reggio yesterday and had a fun trip. We caught 6 Reds and 3 specks. The day started out with my son catching 2 small specks in Bayou Robin. We moved to Bay Robin and I picked up 2 Reds. Both a little over 20 inches. We moved on to Bayou Batola and I picked up 2 more Reds and 2 specks. My son hooked up ona nice bull red that broke his rod and his heart but redeemed himself by catching 2 Reds, 1 over 25'. We used Strike King spinners with matrix avocado shad. Very windy but still fun.
Under Moderation
All of 300's posts have been removed because frankly he does not possess the prowess to convey his intentions well enough.
This post has been very under moderated(i will take the blame for that).
This is a hard time to fish as others have said but the need for info is there because this is that transitional period that happens every year and people have such bad cabin fever and are waiting to start hearing positive reports for their favorite fishing areas so they can get out there and catch fish.
Gas is very expensive now and you almost have to take 3 people in the truck/boat to make it happen for most of us. That plus linking stories posted here to Facebook pages and the like have made a bunch of people gun shy to post because of how fast social media works now.

I'm sure it's mostly guides posting reports because they're really the only ones fishing right now. How hard is that to understand? I fish a bunch but have only been twice this whole year and neither trip to the Causeway was really nothing to write home about. 3 trout one day,12 flounder the other day.

Anyway,i'm back in moderation mode now and these attacks on guides/posters will not be tolerated. You can waste your time and write up a big ole post bashing guides but i promise you,it will be futile.

Patience, Knowledge, and Enjoyment
To all!!! I'll tip my hat to aan Guide and Weekend Warrior that does well during none productive fishing conditions. Most of the anglers in the Dularge area are bless with a great fishery for Specs, Reds, and Bass/Sac-a-lait. For myself, 4-1/2 hours of traveling is well worth the trip to your area. I mostly fish near Weeks Island ( Vermillion Bay and Marsh Island) We don't have the marsh cinditions to create protected waters and the Achafalaya river gets cruel when she dumps massive amounts of muddy fresh water into our wide open bays. And yet, when the conditions are right (or CLOSE enough) the Point Landing becomes a parking lot nightmare. I feel if you spend enough effort in learning your area, then YOU will become productive. LEARN IT-LIVE IT-LOVE IT FISH-ON!!!!!
Travis Miller
I recently made a trip with Travis Miller, he is as nice in person as he is on this site. We had a grind out day, but still came in with 39 specks, 10 reds, and 2 flounder. Please keep up the reports, guides, we appreciate them.
Weekend warrior
I'll put my report in. I went 2 weeks back with a 10-15mph SE wind. ZERO fish in the boat. Fished for 5 hours until I gave up. I did have a few hits in a cut of of the lake on the west side. Went to the east side of the lake and a big zero.