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Begginer desperately needing help - bank fishing

Hi - I've been fishing regularly since November 2013 in spots within an hour of New Orleans - with zero success (except for one undersized catfish...)

I Don't have a boat and have been fishing from banks or piers - I've gone mostly to Mentuer Pass just off the tiny bridge after passing the Venetian Isles, or off a Bridge heading in the Irish bayou direction. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but am committed to trying till I figure it out.

I've been using dead shrimp, on a hook and with a two oz weight when casting into the Mentuer Chanel. I could really use any tips you have related to, 1 - spots I can fish without a boat, and 2 - type of bait or weights or whatever you can offer that you think would help me catch at least one fish next time I go out.

Thanks in advance for helping the newbie!
Grand Isle.

There may be some spots closer to NO where you can catch fish seasonally once you perfect your techniques, but go to Grand Isle and get the skunk off.
I was having this 'conversation' with 'bank fisherman' a couple weeks ago:

Looks like things are still slow.

My girlfriend tells me yesterday a friend of ours caught a keeper black drum off the side of the road in GI, and a nice sheepshead & more black drum (not keepers) off of the beach, casting into the surf.
On the beach, what was probably a bull red popped his line.

Closer to NOLA, while I haven't been yet, there is a fishing pier at the end of Bonnabel Blvd on the Lake.
I have been to the St Tammany Fishing Pier in Slidell, though not since it reopened this year.

I think both will be worthwhile spots in the coming weeks, as will the banks of GI.

In the past I've personally caught &/or witnessed keeper reds, specks, bass and flounder pulled in off of an Irish Bayou-Hwy 11 bridge using live shrimp under a cork, & using market bait on the bottom with a 2 oz sinker (btw, keep an eye out for alligators).
If you look down & see the glimmer of bait activity, specks & flounder are likely feeding below & driving them to the surface. You will occasionally lose rigs on the bottom (and if you're not careful with your casting, corks in the telephone lines above ;o).

Not yet sure where, but I'm hoping to get out sometime next week and have something worthwhile to report.

Tight lines and Happy Jazzfest to all!
Zen, check your messages, I sent you some info you may be able to use.

Along the road to Delacroix is usually a good bet, just look out for the alligators that love corks. I've never personally had any success at the bridge you mentioned, just crabs grabbing at my line. Good luck!
Typically, i find catfish prefer worms over bait shrimp during the cooler/colder months. Even sticking to the base of trees in shallows being caught on 16'-24' cork rig, tight line bottom rig in fast moving deeper waters. Bait shrimp are best in summer months bottom fishing rivers. Also river shrimp matter. All my opinion, no scientific proof if any of what ive said. Haha

Morgan city is abt an hour from ur area, go fish lake palourde of the bank.

I dont catch every time, but im modest