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GPS map info

Capt. Paul,
I am in the waiting process of my new bay boat. I have the new Lowrance HDS9 Gen2 touch being installed. I am thinking of adding the Standard Mapping map to it for a true life look. I was wondering if your fishing edge will work with both the Lowrance and the Standard mapping maps? Also will I need anything else to install them on my unit?
Yes they will work in the unit as overlays
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~RIG MAGICIAN

The EDGE files are exclusively by The LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN in their OUTDOOR Store. They are delivered as an electronic download which is stored in your computer then transferred via a data transfer program to the GPS unit via a data card or connecting cables. They are stored in the internal memory of the unit and appear as waypoints overlays in what ever mapping program you may have in your unit.

You should get the Lowrance INSIGHT PLANNER from their web site to assist you in doing the transfer.

~ Captain Paul ~