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why more rhan new

Maybe someone can help me understand why the used guns for sale in the classifieds section are listed for more than you can buy them brand new for. My theory is that the people buying these guns have less than stellar back grounds and can't buy new. If that is the case it won't be worth the 100.00 you made selling the gun to have to spend an afternoon with investigators when something goes south, and it will. If there is some other reason please enlighten me below.
New prices on used guns
Well when you list items for sale, people will try to get the price lowered and you can't start low and work your way back high. Also I'm sure they are factoring in the tax they paid on the item as the final price. Like you said, there are people that can't pass a background check and there are also others that don't want to do any background checks so that there is no paper trail to lead back to them purchasing a firearm. You can CYA by making the purchaser sign a bill of sale and have listed on it that they are not a felon and and are not restricted from purchasing a fiream and put their driver's license number/address, etc. on there along with their signature.
Most people on here know or find out how much a firearm costs new before buying a used or pre-owned firearm and there are others that are oblivious to the internet search function.
gun sales
I think Hunter has a lot of it right....

Too many people on here want something for nothing. I think sellers factor in that in their price and then negotiate to a reasonable price.