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21rst century squirrel guns

Louisiana has always allowed small bore muzzle loaders (the 'squirrel guns' of battle of New Orleans fame) for small game hunting including on WMAs. I do believe that when the requirement was moved from 'muzzle loader' to 'primitive rifle' the wording was changed in reference to small game as well as large. So theoretically any one with a single shot cartridge rifle suitable for the 'primitive arm' deer season could get a second sub-35 caliber barrel for that rifle (it's a really inexpensive if somewhat complicated process if you have a Handirifle) and have a qualifying small game 'primitive arm' for hog killing on a WMA. Granted you won't be able to blaze away at multiple pigs but a single 308 is a lot more effective and from much farther than say 5 .22 magnums or 3 goose loads. Hopefully someone from LDWF enforcement can comment on my reading of this.
.35 whelen
Actually I double checked and the small game section of the 2013-2014 regulations pamphlet reads

'It is illegal to hunt or take squirrels or rabbits at any time with a breech loading rifle or handgun larger than .22 rimfire or a primitive firearm larger than .36 caliber'

so last year it would have been legal to use your .35 Whelen for primitive firearm deer and then primitive fire arms squirrel.

Also air rifles are specifically allowed for small game with no size restriction. If you really wanted to maximize your hog options big bore repeating air rifles are out there. Just thought I would point out this little quirk of the rules.