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New to Louisiana, call me old fashioned but I want maps! and lots of em. I love sitting in kitchen with atlas/river maps and laptop reading fishin reports,and google mapping the river to compare the maps and making doodles. I am having a heck of a time finding maps of rivers,depth charts and such. Im lookin for Mississippi river,Red river,Atchafalaya river. All I have now is a Delorme atlas/gazetteer. Thanks
I like to do the same thing. Not sure about the exact areas you are talking about but Standard Mapping makes printed maps for all the lower half areas of the LA boot as well as A few other states. They make a rolled and a folded versions . They also have chips for some units but mine doesn't fall into the required category.
As far as the printed maps, the folded vergsion tucks away better but the map is missing 1/4' strips where it makes the fold which sometimes cuts out some critical points, bayou crossings, etc. The rolled map is nice but it's more cumbersome to use in small areas and while the wind is blowing. They have the printed folded style at Academy or you can order them online at standard
I'll mark up the spots I want to concentrate on the printed map before I leave. Since my GPS doesn't have maps for most of the areas I fish (basin and marsh), once I'm on the water I'll use an app on my iPhone made by flytomaps, which overlays my position and track on a google type map. You can also set pins on the flytomap for points of interest with description and picture. The flytomap also gives you an option to name and save the track for each trip. It used to be called 'marine: us east' but I think that was the older version and may no longer be available. I believe the newer version is 'flytomap all in one GPS map navigation for $9.99'.
Louisiana Sportsman magazine also puts out some articles with details on particular areas every so often which includes small maps of the particular area. Usually you can use the printed maps to find the area on the smaller map and then find the particular points circled/detailed in the articles.
Hope this helps.
Here's a link to some Atchafalaya Basin stuff I look at alot. Got news and other things too.
here's a link

when you're on the water it's better to use the old maps -- that way you can see where the land was...
Thanks guys.
sorry for delayed response. but thank you guys. I will look into all of the sources. Try and keep this yankee from being the next lost episode or somthin.