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This weekend was great for close in tuna action

Went out far on Friday could only fish for a half an hour, a man on the boat was terribly sea sick, so the next day we decided to stay close and just grouper fish, well that turned into chumming for tunas once I marked them around the rig! I thought maybe it was amberjacks just way off the rig, I was only 14 miles out!! Well after a few pieces of chum I soon discovered what it was! It was what most ppl were going 80 miles away looking for! TUNAS!!
To bad more than half the day was over before we realized it! We winded up with 5 nice 1's, and after a 2 hr and 22 min battle, lost a 190plus less than 10 feet from boat!!!!!!
Talk about heart break!!! So the next day I obviously go there, and they weren't there, so I reef fished half the day, it kinda sucked 1 scamp and 1 undersize amberjack, after 43million jig drops, squid, red meat, and u name it! So I went to next rig over, and there were the tunas again! Chummed and got 12 really nice blackfin, some of the biggest I've ever seen! 1 70lb yellowfin, and pulled the hooks on 2 other mystery fish simultaneously, after about 20 min! To my knowledge it was some other yellowfins, prob about the same size as the 1 we had!
Anyways if you are interested in coming fishing, and would like some good knowledge, equipment, bait spots, fishing spots, and most of all a great hand! Please call me up at
504-559-3556, and photos of my trips can be viewed on my Facebook page! Mikee Mayronne
Great report! Glad to hear they are so close in right now.
Maybe luck!!
I may have just been real lucky!! I will find out 2marro when I go!! If they there than! Well than that would just be awesome!!
It's good to be lucky!