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Seems to me you folks sniveling about not getting hogs on the WLA near to your homes, need to save up a couple of bucks by staying home for a couple of weekends and then go where your chances are some better !! I don't have any close to my home that carry big amounts of game! so I save a little of my retirement money all year so I CAN go where theres a better chance to get some game !!Heck when we lived in Cali we had to travel over 500 miles to hunt deer !! So I sure don't mind going an hour or two down here in Louisiana to get to fine hunting where I can get 3 or 4 deer and as many hogs as I can see and hit !! Just my 2 cents
thank goodness
isucrazy killed a pig maybe now that will give us at least 3 days of not hearing him gripe about not being able to kill a pig with the regs that LDWF sets.

Nope, nevermind, I see he already is griping on the thread above about not being able to hunt with larger calibers but he killed one with a .22, that was short lived haha