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I have heard thru the grapevind that LDWF is considering increasing the size of the restricted areas on coastal WMA's know as Limited Access Areas?

As I read the rule it restricts combustion engines from being allowed within the LAA areas 24/7 from September thru the end of January.

Does anyone know if this is accurate in terms of how the rules are enforced?

How do you feel about LAA's generally speaking?
They did it on Salvador WMA last year in a large area that restricted access to combustible engines basically for the duck season. It was obviously thought that restricting mud boats would lead to the birds not being disturbed and hanging around more. Not a bad thought. Those that used the restricted area had to paddle in. A real pain. Problem was the ducks didn't go along with the plan. For some reason (probably lack of feed or changing migration patterns) the duck hunters had their worst year in memory.
My Personal Thoughts
Increasing LAA areas would not better the hunting across the WMA but would undoubtedly improve hunting for those that chose to paddle in.

Increasing LAA areas would also only serve to increase an already over crowded situation outside of the boundary.
Pearl river is in desperate need of a laa. The people south of hwy 90 is ridiculous. Id be all for making everything south of 90 a laa except the main bayous and rivers.
I'm On Board
With WMA wide restrictions that allow boat traffic in designated boat lanes only that give reasonable access to those that may want or need to motor in.

Clearly we have to stop the pond scouting that is running birds off of the WMA altogether.

I am not in favor of increasing the size of existing LAA areas.
Good idea
I like the idea of designated boat lanes instead of LAA's. Good thinking there!
Re: LAA's
Love LAA's, we need more!!!!